How does Kim secure Psalm’s future empire?

It would appear that the Kardashian women like doing all in their power to provide their offspring with as many opportunities as possible in terms of the types of companies and brands that they can establish in the future. Now, Kim Kardashian is making preparations for the future of her youngest son, Psalm.

Kim Kardashian lends a hand to her child

When the Kardashian and Jenner children reach adulthood, it is highly likely that they will have limitless riches at their disposal, allowing them to launch any kind of business of their choosing. Their mothers have trademarked several brand names and products in order to ensure that this opportunity would be available to them when their children are older. The Sun claims that this is exactly what Kim is doing for Psalm, and that she is doing everything for him.

Psalm is currently three years old and has a total of twelve trademarks registered under his name. This information comes as a bit of a surprise due to the fa.ct that it implies that he actually has more trademarks than all of his siblings combined, including his older sister North, who has already begun making appearances on the internet. In addition to this, his older brother Saint has a total of only four trademarks registered in his name.

What are some of his trademark?

Naturally, each of Psalm’s 12 trademarks is ch.ock-full of a variety of items for him to develop as he gets older, and he can do so using any one of those things. Psalm appears to have a potentially very busy future ahead of him, beginning with skincare goods and progressing all the way to toys and clothing for infants and children, as well as reusable baby diapers and infant formula.

Kim is not the only one

It has already been established that not just the Kardashians are engaging in this behavior. Stormi, who is Kylie Jenner’s daughter, will also have her share of trademarks waiting for her when she gets older. However, these aren’t merely sales chances for her products. Stormi’s trademark, “Stormi World,” was just updated by Kylie, who did it after one of her dad’s concerts called Astroworld. Despite the te.rrible events that had place at Astroworld, she brought this up to date.

Naturally, Stormi World is much more than just a name. It comprises a ridiculously large number of products, such as toys, apparel, “retail shop services,” and “promotion services,” among other things.

It would appear that as the children reach a certain age, their mothers will already have access to the entirety of the planet. That is perhaps a good thing taking into consideration that the youngsters will one day be responsible for running the entire Kardashian and Jenner enterprise.