How is BTS’s Jin admired by military seniors

HYBE officially stated on December 6 that BTS’s Jin will shortly join to finish his necessary military service.

The corporation issued a statement in many languages via Weverse.

Jin previously stated that he will enlist on December 13. Both he and the corporation have asked that fans refrain from visiting the rookie training center.

Of course, ARMYs are disappointed that Jin may not appear for another two years.

However, there are some who are overjoyed that he will be joining the army…

Jin urges the ARMY against attending rookie training camp.

Those are ARMYs who have joined the army.

That implies they’ll be joining forces with one of their idols.

Korea Now recently aired a video interview with other Korean adolescents who enlisted before Jin.

They were all proud to be his military senior.

Despite the fаct that they are Jin’s superiors, their love for him comes first!

These folks admit to being K-pop lovers and members of the ARMY. So they’re all wanting to not only meet Jin, but also acquire an autograph or a photo with him.

A few other people interviewed expressed a desire to befriend Jin if given the opportunity.

One wishes for the two to share their life experiences, while another wishes for them to remain friends once their military service is completed.

He even expressed an interest in playing MapleStory with Jin.

Exciting collaboration: Jimin (BTS) will participate on Taeyang’s (Big Bang) album

These two musical personalities from these two cult groups have the potential to make a masterpiece.

According to JTBC exclusive report on December 9, Jimin (BTS) is expected to cooperate with Big Bang member Taeyang for a solo album to be released early next year.

“Jimin will join as a vocalist for Taeyang’s solo album slated to be published in January,” according to the source. If this information is correct, it will be the first time the duo of musicians has collaborated on a musical endeavor.

Taeyang’s solo project is his first appearance in over 5 years, since his third album “White Night” was released in 2017. It is well known that the handshake between idols is full of surprises. The vocals on “With You” are among the best of the boy band HYBE. Meanwhile, the member of Big Bang has a particular voice color and a non-medium vocal approach.

Previously, the owner of the Һit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” got the chance to meet leader RM (BTS) at a party to celebrate the launching of a new publication.

The two also shared photos of themselves checking in together on their own Instagram profiles, raising the likelihood that RM is the link between Jimin and Big Bang’s vocalist.

Furthermore, the recent handshakes of BTS members and other artists, such as “That That” – PSY ft Suga or “Rush Hour” – Crush ft. J-hope… enhances the potential of the upcoming collab.