How is Princess Kate preparing for her role as the future Queen?

Princess Kate has had time to train and adapt to the important role in the future.

To be the wife of the heir to the throne and to be Queen in the future, this is an extremely noble responsibility with many burdens on the shoulders. It’s so difficult, but  Princess Kate  has succeeded in finding her own way to prepare for her role as a model.

Looking back on the journey that Princess Kate has gone through, we can see how brave, strong and smart she really is. Indeed, if you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight!


Princess Kate proved herself completely worthy of the position of Queen.

10 year challenge

Princess Kate has waited 10 years to officially become the royal bride. Prince William’s careful consideration before making the decision to marry has led to Princess Kate being nicknamed “Waity Katie”.

Those 10 years, Prince William considered many things and Princess Kate also faced the persistent curiosity of the media and public opinion. It took 10 years for Prince William to be sure that Kate was the soulmate who would follow him on his journey to the future kingship.

Royal biographer Tina Brown said: ” William asked Kate to wait 10 years to make sure she was ready to deal with the harsh realities of royal life.

Because more than anyone else, William knows how difficult it is to live in the royal family. The first is strict rules and binding relationships. The second is because Kate will have to live under constant media and public scrutiny for the rest of her life.

William watched his mother, the late Princess Diana, struggle to adapt. He doesn’t want his wife to follow in the same footsteps .”


It took Princess Kate 10 years to prove she was right for the British royal family.

Overcoming all “storms”

Fire test gold, arduous test, Princess Kate proved she is the treasure that the British royal family is lucky to have.

In recent times, the British royal family has experienced countless events: Harry and his wife withdrew from their role as working members of the royal family; Prince Andrew halted all activities after the scandal of his private life and the health of the Queen of England was no longer the same.

” As crises followed, Kate smiled and coped with it all. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Kate was always there to support her husband. She made a series of live calls. online to connect with the community. When Prince William was infected with Covid-19, Kate was by his side and gave William strength. Every step Kate takes towards the royal family “, veteran royal reporter Robert Jobson shared.

Vanity Fair reporter Katie Nicholl has spent the past few years tracking the Cambridges’ every step and acknowledges that Duchess Kate is a valuable future asset to the British royal family.


Princess Kate carries the weight of the crown.

” Although Meghan and her husband have added to the pressure on the Cambridge family with an increasingly heavy workload, it is an advantage for William and Kate. They become the leaders, steering the royal boat. step forward.

Kate is more special than ever. She’s confident and focused, and the duchess isn’t distracted by press comparisons between her and Meghan. I think Kate has shown herself to be a hard worker and a serious person who is also very kind and compassionate.

I think there are two important facts that prove the Cambridge house is the center of the royal family. It’s the ‘Megxit’ event and the pandemic.

Both of these milestones require William and Kate to take on more work, supporting the Queen and Prince Charles. The Cambridge family and two children have filled the void left by Meghan and her husband. They also turned the pandemic to their advantage, demonstrating to the nation how much the British royal family is needed during a difficult time for the whole country ,” said reporter Katie Nicholl.

Non stop effort

Princess Kate constantly offers initiatives and fulfills her role as patron. She has a passion for children and has spent 9 years researching early childhood education.

Princess Kate also understands the public’s hunger for photos of three young children. To protect her children, Princess Kate took the reins herself, developed her photography skills and made perfect pictures to share with the media.

When the mother is behind the camera there is none of the staging or discomfort that William and Harry have experienced. The Duchess has skillfully kept her children away from the intrusion of the press. 


Prince George on his 9th birthday was photographed by his mother Kate.

The mother of three children is also considered a hard worker in the preparation stage. A royal insider said: ” Kate always revises first at home and is not the type to do nothing and expect success. She has researched articles and strives to be a hard worker. ” .

As a patron of many charities, Kate is always up to date on important projects and initiatives. Therefore, she is said to help them spread the word by participating in various related activities.

The Queen is starting her summer break at Balmoral Castle in Scotland – just two months after celebrating the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. According to British media, the Queen now believes that Kate and her husband Prince William are ready for royal duties in the coming months and years.

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