How is the beauty of BLACKPINK before the comeback?

Recently, with the release of  MV Ready For Love with AI character graphics, BLACKPINK has attracted a lot of attention from fans.

BLACKPINK is known as one of the groups with the largest number of fans in the land of kimchi. With the “enlistment” for so long, fans must now be waiting for a really explosive comeback from the girls.


The girls are extremely actively preparing for this comeback. (Photo: Pinterest)

Recently, with the release of  MV Ready For Love with AI character graphics, BLACKPINK has attracted a lot of attention from fans. Accordingly, many viewers predict that the YG girls are preparing for a total attack on the K-pop music market later this year. Looking back at the visuals of the idols before their comeback, it can be seen that even though they are busy, they still rank up in beauty with simple dresses.


The image of the MV Ready For Love attracted the attention of many fans. (Photo: Pinterest)

Even though she is busy preparing for BLACKPINK’s comeback, Jisoo is still hard at work in collaboration projects with brands. It is undeniable that the beauty of the eldest sister BLACKPINK has been increasing in popularity recently. Jisoo’s immense charisma and beautiful beauty make it difficult for fans to take their eyes off.


Jisoo’s beauty makes fans fall in love despite light makeup and simple clothes. (Photo:  Instagram @sooyaaa__)

Not only Jisoo, Jennie’s beauty has also been clearly promoted recently. Even though she didn’t wear gorgeous outfits like at the event, Jennie still showed her prominence. In the photos just posted on Instagram, the main rapper shows off his bare face, wearing a dress given by fans.


Close-up of the female idol’s flawless bare face. (Photo: Instagram @jennierubyjane)

Rosé is not inferior to her sisters in terms of beauty. Female idols often take close-up photos of their faces to prove their natural beauty. Although she does not update the image as much as the rest of the members, every post of her is extremely high quality.


Fans hope she can work harder to post photos for everyone to admire. (Photo: Instagram @roses_are_rosie)

Recently, Lisa often changes styles, transforming by lifting her roof. In the new photos, Lisa wears very light makeup, revealing her forehead. The radiant smile of the Thai-born beauties captivated the fans.


The blonde hair helps to highlight the female idol’s white skin. (Photo: Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

The beauty and style, whether sophisticated or simple, of BLACKPINK are hard to criticize. Therefore, fans believe that when the group makes a comeback, the group will have more explosive visuals.

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