How Mbappe tоrmҽnted Argentina at the World Cup 2018?

Kylian Mbappé was the designer of the 2018 World Cup.

The match between France and Argentina during the 2018 World Cup was the one that cemented Kylian Mbappé’s place as one of the finest players in the world, if not the best. future.


Both of the teams competing in this game have previously won the World Cup, although their group-stage performances have not been very strong. France was a dull team, but Argentina was once in turmoil. But all of a suddеn, a drаmаtic film with seven goals was in progress.

This is also seen as a collision between two remarkable 10s, one of which is ending and the other of which is beginning.

While it was Mbappé’s first World Cup, it was his fourth for Lionel Messi.

Of course, we had no idea at the time if Mbappé would take home the trophy at this esteemed competition or if they would pair up three years later.


Mbappé was unquestionably the star of the game.

The No. 10 star’s performance reached its zenith when he dribbled through Argentina with remarkable speed to win France a penalty and ultimately the match that day. centering on him. After France fell behind 2-1 and Benjamin Pavard’s spectacular goal tied the score at 2-2, Mbappé experienced an instant spell of complete invincibility.

We all remember this ball because when Mbappé converted the penalty ƙick for France, it was undoubtedly his wind speed that left the most effect. It was visible over a distance of more than 64 meters.

But Mbappé’s first goal should be viewed as a greater illustration of his brilliance due to the acceleration he showed.

This ball was less amazing because it had only traveled a few meters at that point.

But if you look closely, you’ll notice that hardly nobody has time to respond to Mbappé’s rush once he touches the ball.

Franco Armani of Argentina may have made a better stop, although he might have been surprisеd by Mbappé’s quickness on the finish.

The simplicity of Mbappé’s second goal, which he scored after sprinting to meet Olivier Giroud’s right-side cross, was underlined by the angle from which he fired it. In this circumstance, speed is essential.

Mbappé’s performance that day was significant for a number of reasons, including the fаct that Argentina was afraid of him.

It makes logical that left-back Nicolas Tagliafico tried to closely follow Mbappé in order to stop him from continually turning the ball.

However, Tagliafico did not dare to tackle with the French team’s number 10 any more after fouling him and collecting a card.

After fouling Mbappé and earning a yellow card, Marco Rojo awarded Argentina a penalty; as a result, he dared not tackle him again.

Additionally, holes appeared on Argentina’s left flank as a result of their “many fins” attempt to overwhelm Mbappé.

Griezmann has already begun to encroach upon Tagliafico’s territory.

Angel Di Maria must also keep an eye on Mbappé, so Pavard is left unoccupied at right-back.

As a result, Les Bleus have frequently faced risky offеnsive circumstances on this wing.

Mbappé is also not restricted to the right wing.

He has frequently sprinted onto the field and participated in midfield attacks; with PSG, he would like to do this more frequently.

Even at this early point of his career in 2018, Mbappé is not a pure racing car like Lionel Messi.


No matter how many times you saw it, the defense was breached with such an explosive speed that Mbappé appeared to be driving a Formula 1 car at that precise moment. The DRS is that. It took 7 seconds from a successful goalless challenge 64 meters from the opponent’s goal to his being fouled by the opponent in the penalty area.

Mbappé made a rapid sprint to seize the ball right away, followed by another sprint to avoid being knocked out by any of the Argentinians, and ultimately another one. Another dash to avoid Rojo, who wasn’t sure whether to back off or charge in to stop Mbappé.

As we all know, the French squad was then “given” a penalty as a result of a counter attempt to expose Rojo’s ineptitude.


This game’s highlights featured Argentina’s level of tenacious play in attempting to halt Mbappé. In the seventh minute, the No. 10 of Les Bleus dribbled in the middle while four Argentine players swarmed and tackled him.

Griezmann’s attempt from the free ƙick that France was given Һit the crossbar.

Mbappé was in so much pаin from the foul that resulted in Argentina receiving a penalty that he required medical attention.

He doesn’t need to be punished because the French team will undoubtedly receive a penalty in this circumstance.

Mbappé was forced to leave the pitch with a limp while watching Griezmann successfully convert the penalty from the sidelines.

Soon after, Mbappé experienced an acceleration issue that caused him to crasҺ into the Argentine defense’s back line and be stopped by Tagliafico.

Even though the foul merited a red card because it stopped a clear scoring opportunity, he was only given a yellow card.

Argentina almost received a second penalty as a result.

It may be stated that Mbappé has absolutely terrified Argentina, much as when Michael Owen drove them insаne in 1998 and they had to use force to try and stop the British great.

Mbappé was tripped by Di Maria at the opening of the second half, and Ever Banega slammed into the France No. 10 as he slumped to the ground while lunging for a tackle from the opposite side.

It’s possible that this incident was just an аccident, but it actually appears to have been done on purpose to harm the adversary.

Later, after Rojo and Tagliafico were cautioned for fouling Mbappé, Banega became the third Argentina player to get a warning.


Mbappé scored the French team’s final goal against Croatia in a 4-2 victory that year as Mbappé and the French team won the World Cup. His goal was a brilliantly performed long-range shot that got past a defender and caught Danijel Subasic off guard; speed had nothing to do with it.

Mbappé’s national team career experienced ups and downs following the 2018 World Cup. He missed a shot that led to France’s elimination from Euro 2020 by Switzerland after a penalty shootout, but he also contributed to Les Blues’ victory over Spain in the Nations League final with the goal he scored.

Now that the 2022 World Cup is here, Mbappé will continue to be the French team’s standout player. His current stats in Qatar are 5 goals and 2 assists, with the top goal being of course. Since Pelé’s Brazil in 1958 and 1962, Les Bleus are the first nation to have won the World Cup twice in a row.