HYBE company responded to the nеᴡs that BTS’s Jin will enlist on December 13

Regarding the information regarding Jin’s military service, Big Hit Music has released a formal statement.

According to reports published on November 24 by Yonhap News and numerous Korean newspapers, Jin (BTS) will formally enlist on December 13 at a recruit training facility in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi Province, for a period of five weeks. The male idol will then be transferred to a front-line unit.

Jin previously requested to cancel his request to delay his enlistment by submitting an application to the Korean Military Manpower Administration (MMA) at the start of November.

Jin also shared that he learned he would be serving in the military at a front-line unit during a recent online chat with fans.

After a lot of information in the press, a representative of Big Hit Music responded, “We cannot confirm the above details at this time. We ask for your understanding.”

BTS received the Order of Culture in 2018 in appreciation of their valuable contributions to initiatives that bolster interests, positions, and the reputation of the country. Since seven members of BTS were permitted to delay enlistmen t until they turned 30, the oldest member, Jin, was born in 1992.

But before the never-ending argumen ts between the Korean government and the general public, BTS’s management business declared that each of the band’s seven members would soon serve their country in the military. beginning with the senior Jin. The earliest the group will revert to full membership is 2025.

When Jungkook (BTS) returns to Korea, he dons a football jersey from that country

Jungkook (BTS) left for Korea following an electrifying performance at the 2022 World Cup opening ceremony.

When sporting the uniform of the national football team, the male idol grabbed attention.

The opening ceremony for the 2022 World Cup final took place in Qatar on November 20 in the evening.

BTS’ Jungkook and host country artist Fahad Al-Kubaisi performed the song “Dreamers” at the 60,000-person Al Bayt Stadium.

The biggest soccer event in the world’s history saw Jungkook sing during its opening ceremony, making him the first Korean musician to do so.

Even though “Dreamers” isn’t the song’s title, the global public anticipates Jungkook’s appearance because he is a part of the most well-known boy band in the world, especially among Kpop fans.

The male idol performed impressively at the 2022 World Cup with a large group of supporting dancers.

Many people praised Jungkook’s assured performance in the international press and on social media.

On the evening of November 21, following the opening ceremony, Jungkook flew back to Korea to carry on with his domestic obligations (KST).

As soon as he arrived at Incheon International Airport, Jungkook bowed formally to the gathered press and admirers.

The male idol, in particular, unzipped his outerwear to геvеаl the football uniform of the Korean men’s national team he was donning. In front of a large number of reporters, Jungkook simultaneously executed the ball ƙicƙ.

When the youngest member of BTS publicly supports the men ‘s soccer team from his hometown, he is praised for his gracious demeanor and dubbed the pride of the nation.

Before that, Jungkook paid a suгргιse visit to the Korean national team shortly after arriving in Qatar to prepare for the 2022 World Cup’s opening ceremony.

Before the competition, the male idol wrote the Korean athletes encouraging messages.

He was awarded the team’s shirt and included in a commemorative photo with the Korean athletes.

When Jungkook returned to Korea, he flaunted this shirt at the airport, ƅreaking the hearts of his fans.