‘I scored 27 goals the first year Cristiano joined Real Madrid, and he scored 26’

This striker has scored more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gonzalo Higuain recalled how he beat Cristiano Ronaldo when he initially joined Real Madrid and talked about that moment. A football player’s life is always up and down. These can appear at any point in his career, and both their timing and length are arbitrary. 


He was a member of Real Madrid, Napoli, and Milan before moving to Miami


Gonzalo Higuain experienced this, the striker who began his career at River Plate, went on to play for Real Madrid, and replicated his success in teams like Napoli and Inter Milan.

He received criticism, nevertheless, for what he did. Along with the Argentine National Team, in addition to the clubs.

As a result, given that it is not as well known as other leagues across the world, he claimed in an interview with El Mundo that moving to the United States provided him peace of mind.

“Yes, both of those. I gained physical and emotional tranquility after spending so many years in Europe. It was the appropriate choice and matched my search criteria “He spoke. 

The World Cup in Brazil changed everything

Higuain was no longer the same guy as a result of what transpired during the Copa America and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil; he was constantly the target of criticism and could never truly find solace.


“Every person is troubled by criticism… It’s something that makes you feel less confident in yourself, causes depression or anorexia, or makes you feel that the world is unfair because of all the things people say online. Without understanding you or your life, anyone may criticize or attack you and then label their actions as being motivated by jealousy or dissatisfaction “Added he. 

He experienced tough moments

“Although I went through some really trying times, everyone goes through difficult times in their careers. The essential thing is to learn from these experiences, make changes, and endure as little pain as you can. Being happy is the most essential thing in life, even if I’m not sure if happiness even exists. It’s about doing your best and not letting the little things bother you, but that comes with age and experience “explained he.

For the Argentine striker, playing alongside Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, whom he expressed adoration for, was one of the most unforgettable experiences. 

It’s possible for admiration and rivalry to coexist


“The last two great guys I played with were (years). I spent seven years on the greatest team in history, playing alongside two of its greatest goalkeepers in Buffon and Casillas. I scored more than 100 goals, won 15 championships, and was the second Argentine player to play the most games for Real Madrid. I scored 27 goals in my debut season at Madrid while Cristiano scored 26. He averaged 50 goals each season. How can one get a 50? “The striker spoke to the media. 

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