I thought Jennie had the best body, but no, this is the member with the best body in BLACKPINK

Even the most fastidious netizen can't denigrate Lisa's (BLACKPINK) body.

Without a doubt, BLACKPINK is the girl group with the best body right now. The members all have a standard body that doesn’t need to be adjusted, making many girls wish. Among them, Jennie is the member that netizens think has the sexiest body, is well-proportioned, and has an extremely sеҳy aura. But it seems that Lisa is the member with the most luxurious body in the “Hac Huong” family.

In the “teasing” photo for the upcoming solo, Lisa has made people “faint up and down” with her top-notch beauty, both sharp and seductive appearance. Looking back at this image and Lisa’s series of images so far, everyone realizes that the luxurious appearance of the youngest BLACKPINK is a combination of a series of factors: the overall body is ecstatic,  square shoulders. standard angle, round 1 is not too big but still sеҳy “blood spray”, ant waist and super long legs. All have created a beautiful appearance like a supermodel, making Lisa able to “luxury” any outfit. In every situation, every time she appears, Lisa is top-notch, showing off her extremely seductive body and luxurious beauty that makes people feel uneasy.


Lisa’s “teasing” photo made people feverish and shared


Jennie is the representative of the sеҳy body school, and Lisa has the most luxurious body in the group, every line is amazingly beautiful

Perfectly beautiful hanger shoulder


One of Lisa’s most beautiful body advantages is her perfectly square 90-degree shoulders. Having the advantage of ivory shoulders, Lisa often wears off-the-shoulder clothes, so beautiful that she is infatuated with people


Shoulders make Lisa “beautiful” in all off-the-shoulder outfits. Sometimes there’s no need to be bold, Lisa just showing her shoulders is sеҳy enough to be “deadly”


Whether on stage…


…or in real life, Lisa’s shoulder is still beautiful and full of criticism, making thousands of girls both admire and envy

Her bust is ‘modest’ but all hiccups, o forced sеҳy “nose spray”


Lisa pursues the image of personality and “cool”, so many people think that she cannot be sеҳy. But all of them fell back when the youngest brother became more and more sеҳy, showing off his sеҳy “blood spray”. In this image, the bow tie gives the effect as if the female idol is… half-ɴᴀκᴇᴅ

Lisa does not wear revealing clothes, she just needs to force her breasts to peek out enough to make people “fainting up and down”

Chiếc váy xẻ sâu hoắm đã được may lại để kín đáo hơn nhưng Lisa vẫn khoe khéo được vòng 1 e ấp


I’m so luxurious in my first round, who can do it like Lisa?

The ant’s waist is as small as Rosé’s


In BLACKPINK, Rosé has a famous 48cm waist, but Lisa’s waist is equally small. The youngest brother’s waist measurement is only 51cm


Thanks to the advantage of a slim waist, Lisa often wears a crop top to show off her figure on stage. Her perfect body shape makes netizens unable to take their eyes off her


When going to the airport, Lisa also challenged all the cameras, showing off her slim waist “real goods”, without photoshop, she is still incredibly small and has a sеҳy toned abs.


Even in the newspaper photos, Lisa’s waist is still so perfect, no wonder why she is called the “holy body”

Gorgeous long legs


Lisa is 1m67 tall and not the tallest member of the group, but she has the longest legs in the group and is classified as “extreme” because of her perfect beauty, unbelievable beauty, magic like photoshop.


Lisa’s legs are perfect as if they were a doll’s legs


In the full body photos, thanks to her surreal body proportions and magical legs, Lisa looks like she’s taller than 1m70

Whenever it comes to female idols who have perfect bodies and 0% fat legs, few can ignore real life Lisa dolls.

Image source: Collected

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