ICON PICTURE: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson serenaded at famous Capri restaurant

ICON PICTURE: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson serenaded at famous Capri restaurant while the NBA legends enjoy European trip

While on vacation in Italy, NBA stars Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Yvette Jordan dined at the renowned Da Paolino Ristorante in Capri and were serenaded by a local band.

Samuel L. Jackson was also in attendance, enjoying the European summer alongside the basketball legends, and Jimmy Kimmel playfully photoshopped himself into a photograph from the event.

For example, Johnson once wrote on Instagram, “Tonight we enjoyed an incredible dinner at the world-famous Da Paolino Ristorante AKA the lemon tree restaurant in Capri, Italy, AND I got to hang out with my great friend and the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, and his wife Yvette, Sam (Samuel L. Jackson) and LaTanya Jackson, Judge Greg and Linda Mathis, and John and Vicki Palmer.”

Johnson also included a video of himself and Jordan being serenaded by a band at the eatery, which he posted to his account.

Johnson attempted to sing along while the Bulls star looked like he was giggling awkwardly.

Jimmy Kimmel added his own gags to the video by photoshopping himself into a shot and tweeting, “Belting out showtunes with my best friends Michael Jordan & @MagicJohnson at the world-famous Da Paolino Ristorante in Capri.” Jordan, 60, was seen on Tuesday vacationing with his family in Europe, where he was observed enjoying a cigar while sitting on a boat off the coast of Capri.

Although Jordan and Prieto, both 44, like to keep a low profile, they were spotted last week in Sicily with their twin girls.

The two were introduced in a Miami bar in 2008, and three years later, Jordan popped the question to the Cuban-born model. They tied the knot in 2013, and their twin children (now nine) were born the following year.

Jordan has recently been in the news due to rumσrs that he is selling his majority ownership in the Charlotte Hornets for a staggering $3billion. Jordan has owned the NBA franchise for the past 13 years.

Larsa Pippen, ex-wife of NBA great Scottie Pippen, said she was ’embarrassed’ and ‘traumatized’ after Jordan disapproved of her dating his son Marcus, prompting this latest trip.

Jordan and Pippen, who was married to Larsa from 1997 until 2021, are at odds with one another. Since it began in September of last year, Larsa and Marcus’s relationship has been a continual source of controversy.

Last week, when Jordan was leaving a Parisian restaurant, he was asked if he approved of the couple. He laughed and replied, “No!”

Larsa’s response to Jordan’s comment was discussed in a new episode of the Separation Anxiety podcast hosted by Marcus and herself.

It appeared like Larsa ‘didn’t think it was hilarious,’ and she seemed puzzled that Marcus did.

‘My whole family, we’re all competitive,’ Marcus said. The Jordans, it’s in our blσσd to gossip, you know what I’m saying. It also helps us get moving. We’re pumped up by it.

I immediately thought, “Like, he’s playing,” when I heard what Jordan had to say about Larsa. He is obviously kidding around and enjoying himself. He’s just messing around, okay?

Marcus added sarcastically that his dad may have been “a little lit” on tequila the night of his viral dig at Larsa at the Parisian restaurant Matignon.

Larsa stated she was “traumatized” by the possibility that her and Marcus’ family weren’t actually okay with the relationship.

She admitted, “But I do understand that it’s not awkward for us to be together ’cause it’s us,” meaning the two of them.

She said she and Marcus had nothing to do with Jordan’s animosity against Pippen, but she conceded that “for them it probably is weird,” adding that she “can’t be mαd” at Jordan for his feelings.