‘If Ronaldo stays, Ten Hag will be the wеɑkеst manager ever’

Former striker Darren Bent has remarkable shares surrounding the incident of the Portuguese star.

The interview between Cristiano Ronaldo and Piers Morgan is making the football village “boiling” at the moment. In the opinion of Darren Bent, coach Erik Ten Hag will become a weak person if he continues to allow CR7 to return to the squad like the previous scandal.

Talking to talkSPORT, the former Premier League striker commented:

“Ronaldo said that Ten Hag has no respect for him, but any coach in any given situation has the right to choose who he wants to use and not to use.”

“If Ten Hag feels Ronaldo is good enough to start, he will choose Ronaldo. Otherwise he will not be used.”

“Ten Hag let Ronaldo go back to the dressing room after what he did, like getting angry into the tunnel. And then he even let Ronaldo go back with the captain’s armband and was supposed to be the leader. .”

“But if Ronaldo comes back now, Ten Hag will be the weakest coach in Premier League history. You cannot allow players to mess up. I understand, Ronaldo is one of the greatest players we have ever seen, but we have also seen other great players behave better than Ronaldo.”

“It’s not about Ronaldo, it’s about the Manchester United club.”

Danilo: ‘Portugal does not play around Ronaldo’

Defender Danilo believes that the team tries to compete to win, not to serve any individual.

Sharing on the FIFA homepage on November 14, defender Danilo said: “There will always be criticism because Cristiano is a valuable player. He is also the person who is mentioned every day. If Cristiano plays badly, everyone People will talk. If he plays well, everyone will talk. So many Portuguese players find this very normal.”

“Cristiano is the key star and attracts the most attention. We will pass a lot of balls to his position, try to help him score. That is also what Cristiano wants from us. People think we play around Cristiano but that’s not the case. The whole team competes to win for the collective,” added Danilo.

After a controversial interview related to Manchester United on November 14 (Hanoi time), Ronaldo joined the Portuguese team to prepare for the 2022 World Cup. On his personal page, CR7 wrote: “Great focus. for the job in the national team. Let’s unite to realize the dream of all Portuguese people.”

The 37-year-old superstar rеvеalеd a happy attitude when he enlisted. This is the 5th World Cup in Ronaldo’s career. Witnessing the excitement of CR7, the Daily Mail (UK) asked a question: “Ronaldo, don’t you have any regrets?”.

On November 13, midfielder Bernardo Silva believed that Ronaldo was still a powerful weapon of the Portuguese team even though he no longer maintained his peak form. Silva analyzed: “Ronaldo is the type of player that can help you win games at the last minute. When Ronaldo is in the team, we have an additional powerful weapon. In fаct, if there is a player like Ronaldo in the team, It’s normal for you to organize your play around him. We have to take that advantage.”

Ronaldo scored 117 goals in 191 appearances for Portugal. CR7 holds two records as the player with the most goals and the most appearances in the Portuguese national team.

Portugal kicked off its 2022 World Cup campaign on November 24 with a match against Ghana in Group H. The other two opponents in the group are Uruguay and South Korea.

The information that is being spread today is only part of the interview. Many other notable things will be rеvеalеd by Piers Morgan in the upcoming shows. It was the move to unmask the host team in front of the media that caused Ronaldo to blоw up the conflict between him and Man Utd.