In front of his moved father, Luis Diaz scores twice in three minutes to cap up Colombia’s incredible comeback victory over Brazil

Wednesday night, Luis Diaz’s father was in the grandstand, watching his son lead his Colombian team to a tҺrilling victory over Brazil with two goals in three minutes.

After being freed from captivity for 12 days last week, Luis Manuel Díaz was reunited with his son two days ago in tearful moments. He was clearly overcome when his son turned into a spectacular hero on the field.

In the World Cup qualifying match, Diaz scored two late goals in the 75th and 78th minutes against his Brazilian goalkeeper, Alisson, who plays for Liverpool.

After the second goal, his father became so overcome that he nearly passed out as the joyous fans around him showered him with praise. 

He touched hands with Barranquilla stadium patrons who welcomed him before the game started.

Colombia’s оffensive strategy was mostly dependent on Diaz.

After moving past numerous Brazilians in the 30th minute, the striker came close to scoring twice more in the second half, but goalkeeper Alisson blocked each of his threatening attempts.

In the 75th minute, Diaz equalized with a simple header; he didn’t even have to leap to cause chaos with the eventual winning goal.

“He is a friend who is going through a lot right now.” This goes beyond soccer,’ declared Alisson. However, we are disappointed to be leaving this place. 

On October 28, Díaz’s parents were abducted from a gas station in the small town of Barrancas by armed me𝚗 riding motorcycles. 

His mom, Cilenis Marulanda, who was also there in the stands on Wednesday night, was saved in a matter of hours by law enforcement officials who erected barricades around the 40,000-person town, which is located close to Colombia’s border with Venezuela.

Later, the group admitted to the kidnapping, but claimed it was an error and that the father’s release had been authorized by the group’s top leadership.

In the midst of peace talks between the rebel organization and the Colombian government, Diaz’s parents were captured. Four suspects were detained by the authorities over the weekend.