Iniesta was tested by Ronaldinho at 3 a.m and the incredιble mind game that inspired Barcelona to victory over Real Madrid

In his autobiography, Andres Iniesta said Ronaldinho wanted to leave Barca to move to Real. However, this is just a trick for the Brazilian star to test his teammates.

On November 20, 2005, at Real’s Bernabeu stadium, Barca crushed the host 3-0. Ronaldinho scored one of the best goals of his career against his great rival.

After the match, he was even given a standing ovation by the “Los Blancos” fans. History is like that, but few people know what happened inside Barca before that.

“When the super classic was a few days away, Ronaldinho called me in the middle of the night and said: ‘Iniesta, I know it’s 3 am, but I need to talk to you right away. In June, I will be leaving. . My agent is negotiating with Real. The number they offered is very good, and I cannot refuse,” Iniesta reveɑled in her autobiography.

Ronaldinho is said to be the true leader of Barca.

The former Spain midfielder continued the story: “You (Iniesta) are very young, and you can understand me well. Don’t say this to anyone in the dressing room and the press. Don’t betray me. I trust you more than anyone.”

Iniesta did not reveɑl to anyone his midnight conversation with Ronaldinho. However, that is the trick of the Brazilian star. The Brazilian No 10 does the same thing with every member of the club. In this way, he knows if he is trusted by his teammates or not. And when the super classic game took place, Ronaldinho reveɑled the trᴜth.

“That day, Ronaldinho said: ‘We are about to enter an important game. The opponent is very strong, but today I realized Barca is a real family. I called each of them here in the middle of the night to inform them. announced that I was leaving in June, but no one said anything. In the end, it made me feel that we are willing to sacrifice for each other. I will be here for many more years. And now, come out onto the field and Let’s teach football to the Madrid people,'” Iniesta recounted.

Ronaldinho’s strategy was successful. Barca had a jubilant victory over Real. The way the Brazilian star does to test his teammates shows that he is really the true leader of the club.

Ronaldinho was with Barca from 2003-2008, and helped the club win 2 La Liga titles, 1 Champions League, and 2 Spanish Super Cups.