Inside Kim’s strategic divorce moves that will leave Kanye with sҽvere ‘consequences’

Holly Davis, a co-founder and partner at Kirker Davis LLP and a family lawyer who works with high-net-worth couples, provided her legal opinion on the stars’ settlement agreement.

“What is clever about Kim Kardashian setting the child support figure at $200,000 a month right now, in the middle of Ye’s an.tise.mitic comments and self-dest.ruction in the eyes of the public, is that it will be difficult for him to try to modify his child support to a lower amount based on being ‘canceled by the public’ or losing sponsorships in the future,” she said exclusively to The US Sun.

The Skims founder filed for divorce in February 2021, seeking to end her seven-year marriage to the controversial rapper.

Kim, 42, and Kanye, 45, finally settled their divorce on November 30, according to court documents.

After a series of delays caused by the hitmaker’s use of multiple lawyers, the couple reached an agreement on all issues, including child support, custody, and property division.

According to court documents, Kanye agreed to pay $200,000 per month for their four children, which is to be wired directly into Kim’s account, and he is required to do so.

Davis explained that it will be difficult for Kanye to change the child support amount because it was set at a time when the music star’s multi-million-dollar business empire was crumbling after being dropped by major brands.

“Kim has established a precedent that losing sponsorships or being ‘canceled’ by the public is not grounds for changing the initial monthly amount,” Davis continued.

“I do not believe the $200,000 is the final and total amount that will go towards the children’s needs in perpetuity; I believe it simply addresses the children’s monthly needs for the time being.

“Child support can be modified in the future based on changed circumstances, but not just any change in any circumstance supports the modification.

“My favorite provision of their divorce settlement, which isn’t being discussed in the media, is that they have to mediate their disputes about the children before rushing to court, but if someone, i.e. Ye, doesn’t participate or show up to that mediation, then the other parent becomes the decision-maker on the disputed issue.”

Kim has the authority

Davis went on: “This is a Kim-centered provision because Ye’s m.ental health and inability to follow court orders is well-known and has caused their divorce to be delayed.

“Kim is giving herself the appearance of co-parenting with Ye on important issues and giving him the opportunity to mediate disputes in this provision, but she knows he will most likely not show up or refuse to participate.

“When he doesn’t show up or doesn’t follow the rules, it defaults to giving her the authority to make those decisions.

Plan of the game

“It has built-in consequences for the same things Ye did in their divorce case, without the cost of hauling him into court or hiring lawyers to enforce the rules. It’s a good provision that her lawyers most likely recommended on her behalf.”

“Ye is purposefully and deliberately following in the footsteps of Alex Jones and Donald Trump by seeking out fringe and controversial followers who he believes will strongly support him and his efforts, rather than appealing to the masses,” Davis explained.

“With the rise in popularity of polarizing political positions among Americans, Ye is attempting to capitalize on those polarizing and provocative positions, as he witnessed Trump successfully do during and after his presidency.

“This, I believe, is aided by his bipolar episodes, which cause him to be more impulsive in public speaking and appearances.

“He appears to be self-dest.ructing to the masses, but he caters to the fringes, much like Alex Jones and Trump.

“In the future, we should expect Ye to make more provocative, controversial, and outlandish statements because, as a fringe and polarizing personality, he seeks sh.ock value and relevance.”

The family lawyer explained that there is no set formula for celebrity divorces that can be applied 100 percent of the time to determine the paying parent’s income to the dollar.

She claims that child support is determined by the income of the paying parent and the needs of the children, which are likely to be varied and complex in this case.

North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, are shared custody of the Hulu star and her fashion designer ex.

The lawyer continued: “Celebrity children’s needs differ greatly from those of non-celebrity families, and their needs are frequently more expensive.

” CUSTODY AGREEMENT “Security for the children, expensive therapists, expensive camps, all of these things are more expensive and different depending on their parents’ celebrity status.

“I believe Kim Kardashian agreed to a lower amount than she could have asked for in court to finalize the divorce, so believing that Ye’s tru.e monthly income is $200,000 is incorrect.

“Kim should accept child support because it is based on the premise that she is caring for the children the majority of the time compared to Ye, and it represents the significant amount of work she is doing comparatively due to the difference in time spent with the children.”

According to her, Kanye’s earnings could include royalties, estate transactions, or investment returns.

After being dropped by Balenciaga, Adidas, and GAP, the entertainer recently claimed he lost “two billion dollars in a day.”

“Because his income is variable, she should not object to receiving the child support she deserves based on the work she does with the children in comparison to Ye,” Davis explained.

“I understand that the divorce decree mentions ‘equal access,’ but that is often simply referring to a parent’s right to request to see or have access to their children given adequate notice provisions.

“However, the tr.ue daily work of parenting falls primarily on Kim, who has the children about 80% of the time under that model.”

Their agreement came just days after Elon Musk suspended Kanye’s Twitter account for posting a Swastika after praising Nazis in a conversation with Infowars host Alex Jones.

Before signing off, he accused Kim of che.ating on him with married NBA superstar Chris Paul, seemingly knowing he would be banned for his posts.

“This is not tru.e and sadly it’s an ongoing pattern with Kanye – att.acking Kim to redirect everyone’s attention after a day of cra.zy antics where he has said every ha.teful and off.ensive thing he can possibly dream of,” a source close to Kim told TMZ.