Inside North’s over-the-top Christmas decor in bedroom including tree with мoney ornaments

The nine-year-old has been spreading holiday cheer via TikTok posts on the account she shares with her fam.ous mother.

The holiday season has arrived, and Kim’s home, including her daughter North’s bedroom, is decked out to the nines.

Through her TikTok posts, fans have gotten several glimpses of the young Kardashians star’s holiday decor inside her sweet all-pink bedroom.

Earlier this month, she gave her followers a “tour” of a tiny Christmas tree inside her room, which she had decorated to her liking with various ornaments, including several that resembled a stack of money, cameras, and other items.

North appeared to be decorating the tree, which was lit up with simple white lights.

In a previous post, she shared a video of herself performing her nighttime routine while listening to a Christmas song.

The video began with a sh.ot of what appeared to be a vanity or side table with a lit Christmas tree candle, a gingerbread house, and non-seasonal decorations such as a miniature Eiffel Tower.

North then showed off her festive pajamas and some products she likes to use before bed before turning down her comforter and heading to bed.

The youngster is known for filming in her spacious bedroom and showing off the space to fans.

She posted another TikTok video in her room in November, this time featuring her mother.

While it didn’t show any of her holiday decorations, it did show fans her sanctuary.

The star and her mother danced to a song while standing in front of what appeared to be a door with a basketball hoop hung over it.

Behind her pink tufted seating, a plush rug could be seen on her floors, which appeared to be carpeted.

There is a large window in front of the seats with long pink curtains and a TV hung on the princess pink walls.

There appears to be additional space off to the side of the seating area shown in the video, but it is not visible in the clip. North did, however, show off other areas of her room earlier that month.

One of several wild videos shared by the SKKN mogul’s daughter showed her and an unidentified girl dancing to music.

North wore pink silky pajamas that matched the color of her walls and furniture.

A cute butterfly bed with silky pink bedding could be seen behind her.

A nightstand beside her bed held a lamp that was turned on at the time.

Her room’s walls and ceiling were both painted a light pink color.

North appeared in a second video with another unidentified older girl, dancing wildly.

Kim’s oldest child began the video by standing in front of the open door to her personal bathroom, which has marble floors, a large vanity with a sink, and a wall mirror.

North’s bedroom floors appeared to be carpeted in a similar color to her walls.

A mountain of what appeared to be slime containers could be seen lining one of her bedroom walls at one point.

North danced again in a third Tiktok video, this time showing off another part of her room.

A large TV hung on the wall next to her king-sized bed.

Comments on the videos were disabled, but critics have had plenty to say about North and Kim’s recent decisions concerning her.

North appears to enjoy the holidays as much as her mother does, and she is equally eager to show off her space.

She displayed the holiday display in her room in December 2021, just as she had in recent days.

At the time, she chose to focus on her vanity, which is pink like the rest of her room’s furniture.

A pink sparkly nutcracker, a tiny Christmas tree, a stockpile of candy, and a bowl of gingerbread cookies sat atop the desk.

She appeared to offer viewers a taste in her TikTok video, saying: “Do you want some gingerbread? Yummy yummy!”

Comments on the clip, which was posted without a caption, were once again disabled.