Internal conflict, Ronaldo officially broke up with super agent Jorge Mendes

According to Sport Italia, there have reportedly been a lot of high tensions between the two owing to recent things that have happened in Ronaldo’s career. This has been claimed. The 37-year-old player abruptly parted ways with Manchester United in November, and since then, he has been sitting tight in anticipation of receiving bids from clubs in Europe.

On the other hand, none of the teams who are currently competing in the UEFA Champions League have shown interest in acquiring his services. Ronaldo eventually joined Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr but did not come to an end, demanding that Man United pay about 16 million 𝚞ᵴԀ‌ in contract compensation, which infuriated Mendes. Ronaldo finally joined Saudi Arabia’s Al Nassr but did not come to an end.

In point of fact, Ronaldo and his agency have been experiencing tension in the preceding few months. According to reports, the legendary Portuguese player’s horrific interview with journalist Piers Morgan, which ultimately led to his departure from Manchester United, was not approved by Mendes, who is claimed to have been enraged about the situation.

In the middle of the unpredictability that surrounds the future of the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or, Ronaldo and Mendes are drifting more apart. It has also been speculated that Mendes will receive no monetary compensation for his role in Ronaldo’s transfer of Al Nassr.

Since Ronaldo made the switch from Sporting CP to Manchester United in 2003, the super-agent has been Ronaldo’s representative for close to twenty years at this point. But at this point, things are over between the two of them. Despite the fact that much of Ronaldo’s contract and the transfer fee were negotiated by Mendes over the course of the past 20 years, this is a severe punishment for the agent that represents Ronaldo.

On January 3, Ronaldo made his debut as a player for Al Nassr during a gala reception held at the team’s stadium in Riyadh. A total of 25,000 fans were present for the event. On December 30 of the previous year, the player, who was 37 at the time, successfully completed a transfer to the Saudi Arabian team. The footballing community was taken aback by this news because he had been expected to remain in Europe.

Shortly after it was announced that Ronaldo would be leaving Manchester United, Al Nassr made the offer to Ronaldo. However, the player was holding out hope that another club would extend an invitation to participate in the Champions League to them, but in the end, that invitation was never extended.

After that, Ronaldo joined the Middle East squad, where he would earn a stunning $200 million over the course of two seasons. This would place him back on the list of players with the highest annual salary, where he had been previously. On the other hand, Mendes did not receive his customary fee from this transaction. This was the final drop of water that caused the disagreement between the two parties to overflow.

In the news conference that he had after his debut, Ronaldo stated that his time playing in Europe was finished, and that he had won everything there was to win. Now that he’s arrived in Asia, Ronaldo is excited to start a new chapter in his football career there.

In spite of this, Ronaldo and his agency have been working hard since the beginning of the current campaign in the hopes of signing with a club that has a spot in the Champions League. Unfortunately, their efforts have been fruitless so far. Everyone agrees that Ronaldo is getting too old, as he is going to turn 38, and that the transfer fees and bonus money are enormous.

The captain of Portugal stated the following to the Mirror: “I can’t believe I’ve already accomplished everything in European football that I set out to do. At this point, I believe that it is appropriate for me to relate some of my experience. their own in Asia “. On January 5, Cristiano Ronaldo will most likely make his debut for Al Nassr when the home club takes on the away squad Al Taee.