Is Barcelona brave enough to reunite Messi?

Joan Laporta is determined to bring Lionel Messi back to Barcelona in the near future.

This summer, Barcelona are active in the transfer market and top the spending list. Not stopping, President Laporta also plans to make next summer more remarkable with the return of Lionel Messi.

During Laporta’s election campaign, he insisted he would keep Messi on. However, then the Argentine superstar had to leave Camp Nou in tears after 21 years of attachment, and moved to Paris St Germain.

The cause of Messi’s departure stemmed from Barcelona’s violation of La Liga’s financial rules. As a result, the Blaugrana cannot afford a contract extension with M10. At that time, Laporta was subject to much criticism.


Joan Laporta is determined to re-sign Messi. Photo: AFP

Barcelona fans said that Laporta used Messi to run for president. The reasons he gave were not convincing enough for Cule. However, up to now, Laporta’s decision is completely correct.

Messi is Barcelona’s No. 1 icon, but in the midst of a crisis, the interests of the team must come first. After that, a series of other stars like Luis Suarez and Antoine Griezmann also had to leave. The release of the salary fund is an important step in the rebuilding of the club.


Messi at the farewell press conference for Barcelona. Photo: AFP

“I did what I had to do to put the club first. I have known Messi since he was a child. I feel indebted to Messi. He is the best player in the history of Barcelona, ​​and I will do my best to make sure Messi has the best finish at Barcelona,” Laporta told CBS Sports.

“I want to bring Messi back. It will not be easy but I think with the right plan we can do it. During a long period of success, Messi has been a leader, an inspiration to the whole team. . We will do our best for Messi to finish his career at Barcelona in the presence of the fans,” he added.


Barcelona are all hands on with the transfer gamble this summer. Photo: AFP

After what has been devoted, Messi deserves a better ending with Barcelona. It may be a tearful farewell, but a tear of fulfillment. However, Blaugrana is not easy to have the opportunity to do that…

Currently, Messi’s contract with PSG is valid until June 2023 with the option to extend for another year. In many respects, Barca has no or very little chance of re-hiring Messi.

After successfully activating 2 economic levers, Barcelona had quality rookies like Robert Lewandowski or Raphinha. However, keep in mind, the Blaugrana must mortgage the team’s assets to fund the purchase. Therefore, it cannot be said that Barca has escaped the crisis. The debt of more than 1 billion euros is still hanging.

Not only that, Messi’s salary is a big obstacle for Barcelona. Obviously, with his position, Messi cannot reduce his salary too deeply, despite his affection for the club.

Next, where will Messi be in coach Xavi’s plan? Currently, Barca’s attack is quite cramped and has not been able to liquidate players who are not in the plan. Moreover, Messi turns 36 next year and his form will drop significantly.


Very little chance for Messi to return to Barcelona. Photo: AFP

Therefore, in the event that Messi agrees to return to Barca, the possibility of a reunion is still very low. In short, in terms of expertise and economic problems, recruiting Messi is not reasonable. But emotionally, Barcelona must pay “debt” to Messi.

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