Is it likely that Kim Kardashian will rebrand as Björk?

Kim Kardashian’s ability to shapeshift has received a lot of attention, with her appearing in an entirely new wardrobe overnight while shedding her subcutaneous fa.t like a boa constrictor would. So, when Balenciaga released its divisive SS23 campaign and Kim announced that she would be “re-evaluating” her relationship with pantaleggings, a springboard was created. What if it wasn’t for the spandex superhero costumes? What role would Kim Kardashian play next?

At this year’s Art Basel, Kim wore some archival Björk merch, reigniting all the debate about fairweather music fans and their love of band t-shirts – just last year, Kourtney Kardashian was chastised for wearing one from The Cure’s back catalogue. However, both Kim and Björk are fans of ear-shattering soundscapes, from “Jam (Turn It Up)” to Fossora, and the billionaire’s unexpected support for the musician could foreshadow her next incarnation: all sea anemone headpieces and Iris Van Herpen gowns. Kim may have resurrected Marilyn Monroe at this year’s Met Gala, but she would have gotten a lot less flak for cloaking herself in Björk’s swan gown at the 2001 Oscars.

Is Kim channeling Julia Fox, the woman who was a.ccused of s.tealing her own style earlier this year? After all, she’d turned a Björk t-shirt into a crop top and hac.ked the waistband off a pair of biker pants. In any case, Kim, Julia, and Björk have more in common than meets the eye: they are the daughters of the unburnable witches and have spent the past year conjuring themselves into new forms, whether a whispering seeress, a centaur, or, well, each other.

Kim Settled Divorce with Kanye West: $200K/Month for Child Support

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were declared legally separated in March following a hearing, but the settlement took months due to West’s procrastination on the divorce. They finally filed divorce papers on Tuesday, November 29, according to Rolling Stone. As part of the agreement, Kardashian and West will share joint custody and “equal access” to their four children.

West will be responsible for paying Kardashian $200,000 in child support each month, according to court documents obtained by Rolling Stone. Each parent is expected to pay half of their child’s educational and security expenses.

The documents, which have yet to be signed by a judge in their case, also state that any disagreements involving their children will require both parents to participate in mediation. If one parent does not participate, the other will have the authority to make the decision.

Their assets, including property, will be divided in accordance with their prenuptial agreement, which also includes a waiver of spousal support by both Kardashian and West.

Kardashian and West started dating in 2012, and North was born the following year. They married on May 24, 2014, and have three more children: Saint (born in 2015), Chicago (in 2018), and Psalm (born in 2019).

West famously tweeted in July that the Kardashians had tried to “51/50” him (“5150” is shorthand for a California that allows someone to be institutionalized for me.ntal health reasons).

After six and a half years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce in February of last year. The months that followed were turbulent, with West publicly requesting a reconciliation with Kardashian and criticizing the shape wear mogul and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, on social media.

Despite the divorce, Ye stated on the Drink Champs podcast last November that Kardashian is “still my wife.” “Every day, all I think about is how to get my family back together,” Ye said in his “Thanksgiving Prayer.” During a massive concert at the Los Angeles Coliseum in early December, he changed the lyrics of his “Runaway” to “I need you to run right back to me, baby/More specifically, Kimberly.”

Kardashian claimed in a new court filing this year that West was causing her “emotional distress” by publicly posting about their relationship and fal.sely claiming that if their marriage was terminated before a final settlement on property and custody issues, he would face financial ruin.