Is it true that the British Royal Family doesn’t react to movies about them?

The reactions of the British Royal Family to the film about them show that it is difficult for anyone to ignore false things about themselves, let alone a work premiered for millions of viewers.

There has been an opinion that cinema is fictional, directors and screenwriters have the right to imagine and create about a certain character even though it is taken from real people. It doesn’t matter whether Khanh Ly feeds Trinh Cong Son yogurt or the simple sayings are true or not. But it’s hard for someone not to comment, evaluate another version of “self”, especially an image that the audience will see, comment on, and sometimes see as the default of a person. .


Temporarily putting aside the real story about the “yogurt” story of singer Khanh Ly and musician Trinh Cong Son to talk about respecting real people and real things through the perspective of members of the British Royal Family with movies. about themselves.

The British royal family has a long history, is considered a symbol of power and nobility in traditional British culture. Up to now, there have been more than 30 films depicting the lives of members of the royal family. There is nothing better than exposing and exposing the royal life. And of course, dramas that are not inferior to archery movies are delicious “prey” for filmmakers to thoroughly “torn” like Queen Elizabeth II, the late Princess Diana, Prince of Wales Charles and the marriage. of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.


Faced with movies about the British Royal Family, how did royal members react?

Calling for the “fictional” label, Queen Elizabeth II confirmed many details were exaggerated

In the eyes of the media and the public, every move of a member of the royal family is a hot topic of discussion. In addition to dissecting the benefits, governance and roles of the queen or king, films about the British Royal Family take each individual royal as the subject of attraction. The Crown  is a popular series revolving around Queen Elizabeth II, despite receiving many compliments for the attractiveness, drama and acting of the famous cast.


However, when watching herself on the film, the queen confirmed that there were many details that were exaggerated and untrue. According to a source who shared with the Sunday Express, Queen Elizabeth II has watched seasons 1 and 2 of  The Crown and she loves the series, but also says many of the details are exaggerated. Especially in season 2, according to Oprah Mag Queen Elizabeth II commented that many details in the series were untrue. The relationship between her husband Prince Philip (Matt Smith) and Prince Charles is an example. In the film, Philip is portrayed as a cold father who does not respect his son’s life decisions. “In the Queen’s memory, Philip was very close to his son, so what was on the screen made her uncomfortable,” said an unnamed source.


In addition, Princess Diana’s brother Count Charles Spencer was very concerned that the audience would believe the depictions in the series were true. In the program Love Your Weekend, which will premiere in 2020, he shared: “I worry when many viewers forget that this is just a fictional TV show. I see many foreigners, especially Americans, talking about it. “Watching The Crown is equivalent to taking a British history class. This is completely wrong. The Crown crew once asked if they could film in my house, which is the Althorp, and I refused.”

“I don’t watch that silly show”, Prince Philip

Prince Philip was one of those rare people who didn’t care about  The Crown. He once frankly expressed his opinion: “I don’t watch that stupid show” when asked if he watched the movie or not. Therefore, Town&Country magazine judged that he had a negative view of the series because he did not like the way the series exploited his image. Fictional details such as the Prince’s unwillingness to kneel before Queen Elizabeth or the Prince’s reaction to the divorce of his personal secretary and close friend Michael Parker are misleading.


Not only Prince Philip, royal commentator Emily Andrews said sources close to Prince Charles were not happy with the way he was portrayed in the film.

And  The Crown  is not the first and only time, the British Royal Family reacts to films about “self”. A famous 1969 documentary about the British Royal family, believed to have been banned for decades by Queen Elizabeth II, was suddenly leaked, causing Princess Anne – the Queen’s daughter, to express her displeasure. heart: “I never liked the idea of ​​a royal movie. I always thought it was a bad idea.” “From a young age you’ve been noticed and you don’t want to be scrutinized any more,” she added.

These also have compliments…

In addition to negative reviews about  The Crown, according to Cosmopolitan, the Queen’s daughter-in-law Sarah Ferguson and her granddaughter Princess Eugine commented that the film was “beautiful from image to content”. Ferguson enjoyed the wedding scene of her (Jessica Aquilina) and Prince Andrew (played by Tom Byrne) well and accurately represented in season 4.


In addition to members of the royal family, the comments of close people are also very interesting to the audience. When  Spencer  was released, Ken Wharfe – the police officer assigned to protect Princess Diana and her two sons Prince William and Prince Harry said: “Of all the people who played Princess Diana in 10 Last year, she was the most similar.” Moreover, this person also especially praised the scene where Kristen Stewart ran in the movie “very, very much like Diana in the old days”.


Ken Wharfe confirmed that the late princess always found it difficult to go to Sandringham estate for family gatherings when she was unhappy in her marriage to Prince Charles. “She limits herself, spending time in the kitchen, chatting with the chef or with people like me hoping that time flies so she can go back to London,” Wharfe told People.

The fear and anxiety of the British Royal Family against the unacceptable “fictions” of  The Crown  is understandable. Because it is very difficult for the audience not to misunderstand the real and fake events in the film. However, Prince Harry chose to go against the Queen’s thinking, when answering on The Late Late Show with James Corden: “The film gives the audience a basic look at life inside the palace. Buckingham Palace, as well as the pressure to put duties and responsibilities above family ties.” This shows that perhaps  The Crown  was on the right path that Prince Harry perceived about the royal family.


In addition, in an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry revealed the details of his parents: Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Princess Diana (Emma Corrin) visiting Australia in 1983. gave him many sad memories of the trip with his wife to this country in 2018. In particular, the Prince said that the royal attitude towards him and his wife changed and the cause may be jealousy before the acquisition. charm and radiant energy that Meghan brings.

In addition, Prince Harry and his wife wanted their love story to be turned into a movie. And as expected, movies about their marriage journey were born:  Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance (2018), Harry & Meghan: Becoming (2019), Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace. Especially  Harry & Meghan: Escaping The Palace  will tell about the couple’s “escape” from the royal family.


And before the film was aired, the Sussexes had an interview with Oprah Winfrey that shocked the media. Meghan Markle said the British royal family has a racist attitude, does not protect their family in front of the media. This left the British royal family bewildered and dismayed, but in the end they still insisted: “Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be beloved members of the family.”


Not everyone is sober enough to distinguish between real and fake, fiction or truth, so respecting the value of the “original” must always be a top priority. The reactions of the British Royal Family to the film about them show that it is difficult for anyone to ignore false things about themselves, let alone a work premiered for millions of viewers. Although Khanh Ly’s image in  Em and Trinh  is fictitious, it still has to follow the principle of sticking to the original. In addition, filmmakers must accept that real people will evaluate and consider the right and wrong about themselves.

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