Is This Proof That RM Is Married And Has Children?

It is not the first time that the leader of BTS has been rumored to have a family.

Kim Nam Joon, better known as RM, was born in Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea. He was raised in Seoul with his younger sister, Kim Geelong Min. As a child, he loved school uniforms and aspired to become a security guard in social housing.


He attended Cyber ​​Global University, majoring in performing arts and broadcasting. With a TOEIC score of more than 900, he is among the top scorers in the national test. Besides, he is famous for his high IQ. Along with BTS, he is globally famous, achieving countless achievements and records.


However, like many other idols, his love life is very private. Even so, the curious and bloody ARMYs believe they have found evidence that RM has a wife and children.


It all started when RM showed off a pair of baby shoes and said he bought it because he found it too cute. However, many people question this shoe.


What’s more, in another video, they discovered another pair of baby shoes. Worth mentioning, this is a mini version of RM shoes. And yet, he also wears a ring on his little finger, which makes people believe that he is secretly married or engaged.


Of course, ARMYs fully support RM if he already has children and wants to maintain this privacy.


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