IShowSpeed shows off his new Ronaldo tattoo – Though the likeness is difficult to make out

YouTube sensation IShowSpeed had his idol Cristiano Ronaldo tattooed on him – though the likeness is somewhat difficult to make out.

Speed has dedicated his life to fanboying the Portuguese superstar and has gone viral in his attempts to meet him.

Speed wasn’t best pleased with the ‘end result’

And he took his devotion to the next level by getting a tattoo of the 37-year-old on his arm – though not before the artist pranked him.

Speed, real name Darren Watkins Jr, was left furious after the tattooist ‘revealed’ the finished article to him that looked nothing alike.

It led to the social media star going ballistic and screaming over and over again: “Who is this?”

He was streaming the tattoo job live on YouTube, where he moved his arm and the unfinished Ronaldo pic closer to the camera before saying: “Bro, who is this?”

The tattoo artist replied as his client continued to rage: “Hey bro, I’m just kidding with you, it’s not done. We doing pranks, right?”

He resumed but, in trᴜth, the finished product was not much better and the video has since gone viral across YouTube and Twitter, with one fan branding the tattoo ‘Ronaldo from Wish’.

Fans have been left ꜱҺoϲked by Speed’s tattoo

However, Speed appeared to be delighted with the end result and let loose Ronaldo’s trademark ‘Siiiuuu’ after being shown the true conclusion.

The teenage star kissed the tattoo before exclaiming to the camera with a message to the Al-Nassr star, saying: “You’re now a part of me for life.”

Speed attempted to catch a peek of Portugal’s Ronaldo at the December World Cup in Qatar, but was unhappy to discover that he was sitting out the match versus Switzerland.

After being barred from Twitch in 2021, he became one of the most well-known internet personalities in the world and currently has 15.2 million YouTube subscribers.