‘It’s difficult to imagine that I accomplished it at age 21’

At the age of just 21, Brazilian youngster has already fulfilled two of his greatest ambitions: playing for Real Madrid and capturing the Champions League title.

The Brazilian is hoping to add another European trophy to the club’s trophy case when his team plays Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super Cup on August 10 in Helsinki. The Brazilian was instrumental in Los Blancos’ most recent Champions League victory with crucial goals in the competition’s knockout stages.


“A European Super Cup has never been my venue. The Spanish Super Cup is the only one I’ve played, and I believe it’s fantastic. I’d like to participate each year, “He stated in a UEFA interview. 

“We always aim to win, whether it’s the Super Cup, the Champions League, or any other match. It’s how our team thinks.” 


Rodrygo feels appreciative for having been able to quickly achieve his professional goals. 

Sometimes I have to remind myself, “My God, I won the Champions League!” Rodrygo spoke with Marca.

“It still seems impossible that I was successful. My greatest desire has always been to play for Real Madrid and win the Champions League.


“At the age of 21, I’ve already succeeded in doing it. It’s tough for me to comprehend how I truly accomplished this.

“In addition to winning the Champions League, I’ve also won the Spanish Super Cup and La Liga twice. It couldn’t have been any better, in my opinion.” 


Being one of the top talents in the world and having already made a significant impact at Real Madrid, the Brazilian is undoubtedly living the dream.

The two goals he scored against Man City to advance the Whites to the Champions League final may have been his best contribution from last season.

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