‘It’s not a significant concern for us even if he’s only mildly unwell’

There was a time when the whole world stood and watched Real Madrid manipulate the market. But at the moment, the shopping center belongs to Barcelona.

In the European Super Cup encounter against Frankfurt, Real will start with the same lineup as they did in the Champions League final three months prior. Real also only participated in 3 friendly during the previous summer. This team seems to have undergone no change and is utterly certain of its winning recipe.


With the 2022 World Cup coming up, this is a challenging season. The players’ conditioning will undoubtedly be impacted, particularly for veterans over the age of 34 like Benzema or Modric. However, they both started in the match against Frankfurt, which Benzema won 2-0. 


Still stylish, Benzema is kind and straightforward. The insiders from the previous season confirmed Real’s reliance on “Lazy Cat.” Real came so close to reuniting Mbappe with his countrymen during the summer but were unable. Then Real chose against adding to their striker roster, allowing even Luka Jovic to depart. 

When asked about a bad day if Benzema is sick or injured, Carlo Ancelotti is confident: “We have many strikers. Karim, Mariano, Hazard, Asensio, Rodrygo. Of course when you lose the best striker. the world, the whole team will be affected. But replacing Karim at the moment is impossible. We have backup plans. If Karim catches a cold, we will adapt.”


In the last 5 minutes of the match against Frankfurt, Carletto just launched two new recruits in the summer, Aurelien Tchouameni and Antonio Rudiger. Despite the high transfer price and proven ability, these two new contracts still have to get used to the bench. Obviously, Real’s competition is still terrible even though they don’t add too many people.

This is in stark contrast to great rival Barcelona, ​​whose rookies can account for more than half of the starting lineup. But so far, Barca has not registered any names to participate in La Liga. So, for many people, Barca is a tiger with more wings, and in the eyes of Real, they are just a paper tiger. 


There is no need to shop busy since, according to Ancelotti, “we have a greater force than previous season.” The Bernabeu used to be packed with activity every summer, but those days are long gone. They now work to finish contracts as soon as possible and concentrate on training. Real people are aware of their strengths, and the most precious asset they own is their core competency; therefore, any investment would only be an investment in the future.

Mbappe was the one who could have easily started for Real, but he chose not to go. That’s fortunate for Vinicius, and perhaps the success of last season will serve as a springboard for an even more explosive Vinicius this time around. 

Before Frankfurt, Vini was still quite ungrateful in scoring, but the assist was still great. The bond between him and Benzema is getting closer and closer and that is what Real fans want most of all, instead of a strange striker.

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