J-Hope Acтs Rudҽlγ Towards Female Dancers At Lollapalooza?

A viral clip (which spreads quickly) on TikTok showing J-Hope αctιпg rudҽlγ toward a female dancer has surprised many ARMYs.

BTS’s J-Hope recently performed at Lollapalooza as the first Korean artist to bring attention to the festival and his stage has received a lot of praise and admiration!


Whether performing alone or with talented back-up dancers, he completely dominates the stage with his charisma and energy.


A viral moment on TikTok is a clip of J-Hope almost slapping one of the back-up dancers while performing the song Hope World, along with member Jimin’s unexpected reaction. in the stands.


Hoseok con la rubia…ME TOCA #btsarmy #hobilollapalooza #hoseok #viral #fyp #esamanoalbitro

♬ MALA – 6ix9ine

However, the footage from another angle showed that J-Hope did not αct rᴜdҽly like the viral clip mentioned above.

It was due to the angle of the camera, J-Hope’s position at that time was very far from the female dancer. ARMYs can watch J-Hope’s full performance of Hope World from this angle here.

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