J-Hope Had To Overcome Many Difficulties To Reach Lollapalooza

BTS's J-Hope made headlines with his stellar performance at the Lollapalooza music festival, showcasing his incredible diversity as an artist and capturing more than just fans' hearts. but also amazed the locals.

As the first Korean artist to star at Lollapalooza, J-Hope admits that he was extremely nervous and worked diligently to prepare for his show.


But in an earlier interview with IU, J-Hope admitted that he was excited about the opportunity, looking forward to trying to get people’s reactions to his music.

“I want to introduce my music to people who don’t care about me and get a response,” said J-Hope.


Now that J-Hope’s successful performance has come to an end, he has shared his thoughts on Instagram, explaining that his performance will be an “unforgettable moment”.

“July 31, 2022 will be one of my greatest and unforgettable moments” – J-Hope.


The idol explained that although his solo debut album, Jack In The Box, had a lot of hard work, Lollapalooza was “the most important challenge”.

“Lollapalooza is one of the most important challenges of Jack in the Box” – J-Hope.


Although J-Hope once again admitted that he was scared about that performance, he spent his absolute best in preparing the stage.


“Preparing for an hour-long performance is a terrifying time for me, and I rush forward as hard as I can, over and over, to practice for the show” – J- Hope shared.

But during that ordeal, J-Hope learned a lot about who he is as an artist.


“Above all, preparing every detail with a lot of care and care made me know my true self” – J-Hope.

Especially, the Lollapalooza journey is full of hardships, so J-Hope plans to cherish the moment, realize his talent and success.


“Yesterday was the culmination of this whole process and that is why it will be a much more cherished memory in the history of my life and mean more!!!” – J-Hope.

J-Hope thanked the staff – who were indispensable in helping him prepare for his performance.


“I want to thank all the staff who worked so hard for Lollapalooza, all my friends in the music and dance groups…” – J-Hope.

As well as Becky G, who performed with him on stage… “Becky G for her special presence…” – J-Hope.


Jimin, who surprised J-Hope by flying to Chicago to cheer him on…

“Jimin who came to cheer me on…” – J-Hope.

And ARMY, who gave him the courage to step on the stage.


“…And above all, I want to thank ARMY, who made yesterday’s stage shine even more” – J-Hope.

Finally, J-Hope shared that he is extremely grateful for this opportunity.

“And I want to thank again all the organizers of Lollapalooza who gave me this great opportunity” – J-Hope.


Hopefully, fans will see J-Hope continue to receive more amazing opportunities in the future.

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