J-Hope Is Sad To See Jungkook & V Cry: BTS’s Great Friendship Is Here!

J-Hope's emotional confession is sure to make your heart flutter.

Seeing the BTS members cry is of course an emotional moment for ARMYs. However, have you ever wondered how the rest of the members will feel when they see one of them cry, especially the youngest Jungkook? J-Hope’s confession when he saw his maknae crying is sure to make you touched.


BTS is as close as brothers

j-hope is famous for having a lot of emotions in BTS. Although the group’s “dancing machine” may always look bright and positive, of course he still has other sides that not many people can see.

The male idol can show his stern and “scary” side whenever he instructs the other members in choreography. The talented dancer of BTS, of course, also has tearful moments on stage. And that’s why he’s also sensitive to seeing the younger members of the group cry.


J-Hope crying


And also sensitive when seeing the other members cry

During a BTS concert, when Jungkook cried on stage, the hyungs were always there even though the maknae said he felt fine. J-Hope asked this question himself: “Why do I feel sad every time I see Jungkook cry?”.


In response to this slightly serious moment, Jimin jokingly asked j-hope, “I think I’m the one who made you cry!”. The other maknae line member, V, also didn’t want to be an outsider and asked j-hope, “Brother, what about me?”.

And j-hope’s answer to V really makes anyone admire the great friendship of BTS: “When you cry, almost my whole body will wither from crying too much! “.


It’s heartwarming to see the BTS members genuinely care about each other. And the great friendship that is no different from brothers in the same house is also the core foundation that helps BTS become the top Kpop group, besides admirable talent.

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