J-Hope Made People Melt With His Super Cute Act When He Returned To Korea

When it comes to BTS members, they are always praised for their talents and looks, but besides that, what makes ARMYs really fall in love with the boys is their pure personalities.

Recently, a member in particular was praised for his behavior when returning from a busy schedule, which is  J-Hope!


Accordingly, J-Hope has just made history as the first Korean artist to perform the main stage at the Lollapalooza American music festival.

A few days after the show, J-Hope shared a photo of himself on the plane, rҽvҽaling that he was returning to his hometown.


As soon as this information spread, a large number of ARMYs and media gathered at the airport to wait for the idol! Everyone is proud of his historic performance at Lollapalooza.

Due to not knowing the exact landing time, many people waited for a long time. In the end, J-Hope did not disappoint. J-Hope’s fashion is as cool as ever, a mix of comfort and bright freshness.


More special is the excited spirit of J-Hope. He constantly danced, kissed the wind to greet everyone. When walking, he also wanted to please everyone when he pulled up his hat, revealing happy smiling eyes.

Despite the jostling crowd, J-Hope did his best to welcome everyone. When asked by a reporter to shoot his heart with his hand, he immediately did it. As soon as he climbed into the car, he still tried to reach out and wave to everyone.

J-Hope – a member of the cult group BTS – is working extremely hard with his solo activities since the group announced to suspend group activities in the near future. Most recently, the male idol made history when he became the first Korean artist to perform at a music festival in the US.

Specifically, J-Hope was present at the Lollapalloza music festival and stirred up the atmosphere here. Immediately after stepping on the stage, the BTS member received the enthusiastic support of passionate fans. Although J-Hope’s solo album just came out, the crowd immediately sang along when these tunes were played. Not stopping there, BTS’ hit song “Dynamite” was also played at the festival, bringing an unforgettable experience to the fans.


This is also the first time J-Hope has stood on a big stage in the US without his members, performing entirely as a solo artist. However, the male idol still showed no fear and did his best to not disappoint the fans’ expectations.

The male idol shared that he couldn’t even eat or sleep because he was so nervous before his big concert in Chicago. J-Hope even shared with fans that he practiced for 6 hours a day so as not to embarrass the name BTS.

J-Hope shared that the pressure to fill the stage alone was so great that he lost sleep and couldn’t even sleep because he missed his members so much. That’s when member Jimin decided to fly to Chicago to support J-Hope through this whole endeavor.


In fact, Jimin suddenly decided to get on a plane to Chicago a few days after J-Hope left. Many people thought that Jimin had a separate schedule to join, but it turns out that Jimin flew in to fully support J-Hope and be there for him.

During a live broadcast, Jimin shared that he felt that J-Hope would be lonely during this solo promotion because the members have been together all this time. So he decided to go and support J-Hope.


J-Hope feels incredibly grateful for Jimin and expresses that Jimin is a ray of sunshine in his dark times when trying to cope with the pressure of performing alone.

J-Hope said, “I didn’t have any cravings when I came to America and I barely ate. Only when Jimin comes, that’s when I can eat. While preparing for the performance, it felt like a  world of darkness but Jimin was the light. Jimin helped me a lot.”


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