J-Hope геvеаlꜱ unprecedented humorous personality through his gift for Crush’s solo concert

BTS’s J-Hope, a long-time friend and well-wisher, made the sweetest gesture to show his support for the artist.

Jang Wonyoung, Crush’s drummer, shared a photo on Instagram of J-Hope sending snacks and coffee to Crush’s concert. The stall sold bungeoppang, a popular winter snack at the venue.

The banner on top read,  “Hyoseobie’s first concert, everyone, gather around! Hoseokie is paying~ ” Besides the stall, another standing banner had a note with a pun on a famous meme phrase on it.

Everyone has at least a Crush inside their hearts, right?

Please eat bungeoppang before you go. <)333><

—J-Hope’s note in the banner

The phrase is a play on a popular Korean meme that swept the internet in the 2010s. Shin Dong Wook, who played Ha Woo Sung in the SBS Ԁrama War Of Money, was frequently chastised for his on-screen mispronunciation. He had an emotional dialogue in the series that said, “ Nuguna gaseume sangcheohanajjeumeun issneungeoeyo,”  which meant, “Everybody carries some sort of a hurt in their hearts.

But due to his mispronunciation, many heard the dialog as “ Nuguna gaseume samcheonwonjjeumeun issneungoeyo,”  which translates to “Everyone carries 3,000 won in their chest (pocket).” This buzz phrase has now become a popular saying used in winter, referring to how everyone carries at least a little cash in their pockets to buy snacks from street vendors in winter.

J-Hope referenced this line and replaced “3000 won” with “Crush,” implying both the artist Crush and a romantic interest in someone, demonstrating his multi-layered sense of humour!

Evidence that J-Hope (BTS) was treated unfairly by HYBE despite being a “goddess” was made public

BTS is HYBE’s “golden egg,” propelling the company to a new level in the entertainment industry, on par with industry titans YG, SM, and JYP.

Despite its great merit, BTS is still treated unfairly by the company.

Fans have recently expressed their displeasure with HYBE’s treatment of J-Hope, particularly during the time when the male idol was promoting his solo album Jack In The Box.

Topstarnews, a Korean newspaper, stepped in and explained why J-fans Hope’s were upset with HYBE.

The male idol, in particular, has recently returned from Japan and, unfortunately, lost his luggage at the airport.

J-Hope is on his own, despite the presence of bodyguards and assistants.

With J-status Hope’s and reputation, it’s difficult to believe he doesn’t have bodyguards and assistants.

Although there are bodyguards and assistants accompanying…

…but when he misplaced his luggage, the male idol had to deal with it on his own.

It is worth noting that the incident at the airport is not the first time HYBE has treated J-Hope unfairly.

It is well known that HYBE has never done the right thing as a management company by promoting J-solo Hope’s product ” Jack In The Box “.

Many ARMYs were outraged that the company only produced a symbolic version of the album, consisting of QR codes and photocards, rather than basic items such as lyrics sheets or even CDs.

Although HYBE cited environmental concerns, fans believe the decision is unjust, especially given that other artists in the company continue to release numerous physical versions of the album.

The company did not fully promote J-album. Hope’s

J-album Hope’s was unavailable in major US stores even after its release.

Although products can be purchased in Korea, many people are still upset because the album only includes a thin paper box with a QR code tied with a shady elastic band, with no description or image.

Although the company confirmed that the album format was discussed with J-Hope, it was difficult for ARMYs to relax because HYBE did not properly promote the artist’s product.

It is well known that fans frequently request to hear J-songs Hope’s on the radio.

A US radio DJ, on the other hand, геvеаleɗ that they had contacted HYBE for the song’s MORE file but had not received a response.

J-album Hope’s is nothing more than a thin paper box with a QR code tied with a shady elastic band.

ARMY also questioned the album’s lack of social media promotion, claiming that HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC failed to post the schedule or change the cover photo during J-release Hope’s of Jack In The Box.

Furthermore, the fаct that the physical album was released two weeks after the song was released on online music sites has had a significant impact on Jack In The Box’s global success.

Currently, following a series of unfair and careless acts by HYBE with J-Hope, fans are pleading with the company to change because the situation has gone on for far too long.

Fans hope that J-Hope will be treated better by the company as a result of his contributions.