J-Hope was treated unfairly by management company, ARMYs took harsh action

Korean media has recently taken notice of ARMYs’ complaints regarding HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC’s treatment of J-Hope.

Even TOPSTARNEWS, a Korean news source, shared an article detailing the issues ARMYs have had with HYBE in response to the J-Hope problems.

The main problem that motivated the piece was one that arose after J-return Hope’s from Japan. At the airport, the idol apparently misplaced his luggage, forcing him to handle the situation personally.

Being one of the most well-known Korean superstars in the world, he might be in risƙ if he goes unprotected. Many others also thought that he ought to have had a manager or staff with him when he returned from his business-related schedule.

More than only what happened at the airport, J-treatment Hope’s by HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC has raised worries among fans.

Over the past few months, ARMYs have voiced their concerns about how J-Hope has been treated, and a lot of that started when the idol announced the release of his album Jack In The Box.

Regarding the album itself, ARMYs expressed displeasure that, in order to demonstrate that they were according to their environmental philosophy, they had simply created a platform version, lacking either a CD or lyric sheets. Although it is to be commended, it appeared unfair in light of the numerous albums that have been released for performers of various genres.

The platform copy wasn’t even made available when the album was released in major US retailers.

Despite the fаct that it could be purchased in Korea, many people expressed anger at the presentation. The platform album was simply a thin paper box with a QR code tied to it with a rubber band; it was not advertised or otherwise promoted.

Despite ARMYs’ claims that J-Hope would have discussed the format, many expressed resentment over the lack of international promotion.

As if that weren’t enough, many ARMYs kept wanting to ask for J-Hope’s music to be played on the radio. However, a US radio DJ claimed that despite asking HYBE for the file of “MORE” so that they could play it, they never heard back.


Fans also complained about the lack of social media promotion for Jack in the Box, where HYBE and BIGHIT MUSIC neglected to update their headers and profile pictures or include a promotion schedule.

ARMYs have expressed concern on social media in addition to the gap between the physical album being released two weeks after the songs, which had an impact on global charting.


When the article was shared, ARMYs commented on it. Many ARMYs urged the company to address the problems that were detailed in the article and that have been brought up over the past few months.


A chance encounter with BTS’s V by an ARMY in Mexico reveals his true nature

According to recent media reports, BTS’s V will work alongside his friends Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Joon on the spin-off of the popular reality series Youn’s Kitchen. Seo Jin’s, a show produced by Na Young Suk, aka Na PD, will reportedly follow celebrities running a Korean restaurant abroad. Many locals saw V and his friends filming in Mexico last week, but one ARMY was fortunate enough to stay in the same hotel as the celebrity and see him up close!

The ARMY, whose Twitter account is @TaeKookLuna 13, recently published a string of tweets detailing her encounter with V in Mexico. OP (original poster) resides in Mérida, Mexico, but they also just so happened to be in town for a family reunion while V was at Bacalar. This ARMY’s family was allowed entry despite V’s hotel not accepting any guests, likely to protect the privacy of their VIP guests. They had a reservation from a very long time ago.

V was characterized as being really tall and gorgeous in person by @TaeKookLuna 13. At the hotel, they also ran into Park Seojoon. Even though they promised not to share all the fаcts of the encounter, there was one tiny incident that simply had to be mentioned. V approached the screaming young cousin of OP who had fallen over in the lobby and was comforting her by patting her head and saying, “Baby, stop crying.”

ARMYs on Twitter are crying with endearment over this story.

This incident is not suгргιsing because V has always been extremely vocal about his love of kids. He is such a genuine softie since he is so kind to youngsters even when there aren’t any cameras there.