Jay-Z ‘racked up huge $91,000 bar bill’ but people are furious at the tip

After a big celebration with friends Jay Z reportedly racked up quite a bar bill but his tip has sparked backlash.

Jay-Z 'racked up huge $91,000 bar bill' but people are furious at the tip

In one evening Jay-Z was reportedly able to rack up quite a large bill, but it’s what he left as a tip that got people talking.

In 2018, the billionaire ventured out to celebrate a friend’s birthday in New York, which seemed like a typical outing.

The rapper and his companions were said to be honoring Juan “OG” Perez, the president of Roc Nation Sports, on his birthday.

The evening progressed as one might expect: the group enjoyed a dinner in Manhattan, reportedly totaling $13,000, before heading to a bar where they spent around $9,000.

Considering Jay-Z’s billionaire status, these expenses hardly make a dent in his wealth, let’s be honest.

However, eyebrows were raised on social media when the group allegedly accumulated a tab of $91,135 at Playroom for a few bottles of Ace of Spades Champagne.

Considering Jay-Z is a billionaire his bar bill isn't much more than pocket change. (Monica Schipper/WireImage)

Given Jay-Z’s billionaire status, his bar bill amounts to little more than pocket change.

The remarkable bar bill also featured an $11,000 (£7,844) tip for the staff at the New York hotspot, but some users on X weren’t pleased.

Several individuals questioned why, with such a sizable bill, the rapper and his group didn’t tip 20 percent, reigniting the ongoing tipping debate online.

“Yeah, Jay-Z left an $11,000 tip on an $80,000 tab. That’s not even 15%,” remarked one user.

“Definitely, don’t go out if you don’t tip. We tip out to the kitchen, and full-time hours are usually about 22 hours a week. That’s NOT enough to support myself, so I depend on tips,” said another.

“If Jay Z is only tipping 15%, I’ll never have enough money to tip 18-20%,” added a third.

However, many were astonished that people were complaining about such a generous tip due to the percentage.

“The world we live in, where a waitress gets an $11,000 tip and it’s frowned upon because of the % of the tip. Gotta love it! smh,” remarked one bemused X user.

Some people questioned with such a large bill why the rapper and group didn’t tip 20 percent. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Some people questioned with such a large bill why the rapper and group didn’t tip 20 percent. 

“Y’all are petty asf. The man got a 11000 tip for a nights work. Talking aboutJ didn’t give15% tip. Mf don’t have to tip foh,” another commented.

“Waitress got 11k for bringing out 6 bottles, of which you won’t see a penny and you’re mad? Girl, go be mad at your man picking his nose at the dinner table,” a third joked.

But despite the back and fourth argument, it’s unlikely to be the last time a comment section descends into a full-blown keyboard war over how much is acceptable to tip.

People divided as billionaire Jay-Z opens up on not giving money to his family ‘for free’

Jay-Z commented about refusing to lend a cousin money for a project

People divided as billionaire Jay-Z opens up on not giving money to his family 'for free'

Jay-Z has got people divided after making comments about not giving money to a cousin who had approached him asking for help.

The rapper, whose net worth is an astonishing $2.5 billion, was interviewed by Kevin Hart on his talk show “Hart to Heart” and discussed the challenges of family members requesting money when he returns home for the holidays.

Jay-Z expressed that he values going home to be with his family as a sanctuary, and he feels uncomfortable when cousins approach him at family gatherings to ask for financial assistance with their ventures.

During one incident, a cousin approached the musician asking for $4,800, claiming it could be turned into $2 million.

Jay-Z, who has three children with wife Beyoncé, recounted how he declined the request and was frustrated by the response that he didn’t “believe in their dream.”

It’s important to note that having a net worth of a certain amount doesn’t equate to having that much cash readily available. Net worth encompasses the total value of all assets owned, including properties, trusts, and business shares, which may not be immediately accessible.

However, with a net worth of $2.5 billion, it’s safe to say that Jay-Z isn’t exactly short on cash while going about his business. 

Jay-Z explained the scenario to Kevin Hart.

Needless to say, people had varying opinions in the comments.

One individual highlighted the vast difference between a billion and a million, stating: “Jay-Z has $2.5 billion, and his cousin asked for $4,800, and he said no. To put that into perspective, that’d be the equivalent of someone who makes $50,000 a year being asked to give a dime.”

Another commenter expressed a contrasting view: “Other rappers make millions so their family can live happily; he made millions and still wants his cousin to struggle.”

However, some were less sympathetic towards the cousin.

One remarked: “I understand it’s a small amount in the grand scheme, but simply giving away money doesn’t always truly help.”

Jay-Z and wife Beyonce are known to not be short on cash.

“Jay-Z is a business man, I’m sure if his cousins plan was solid he would have been more than happy to invest, but sometimes ppl just be on that “bro trust me” sh*t.”

Another said: “The problem is once you say yes that first time, they always think they can come back to you for more. And it also makes the people around them feel more comfortable asking as well. They become dependent and it’s a very slippery slope.”

To finish, a fun fact about having enormous amounts of money in the bank – If you have $1 million in a savings account with a fairly standard interest rate like 4%, you get $40,000 in interest a year for doing precisely nothing. Must be nice.