Jennie BLACKPINK, IU and list of K-pop stars almost ʀuιɴᴇᴅ their careers because of ‘ғᴀκᴇ scᴀɴᴅᴀʟs’

A ғᴀκᴇ scandal is one of the worst things that can happen to a K-pop idol, as some netizens are quick to judge without providing any solid evidence.

Controversies like this have happened many times and almost ʀuιɴᴇᴅ the careers of some idols.

Here are some K-pop idols who nearly ʀuιɴᴇᴅ their careers because of blatantly fabricated scᴀɴᴅᴀʟs.

1. Kim Wooseok

Near the end of 2016, many netizens accused Wooseok of intentionally touching Somi’s breasts in a video.


Wooseok received a lot of backlash for this incident but soon it became clear that Wooseok did not touch Somi’s breasts at all.

Somi’s agency at the time, YMC Entertainment, even released a statement after discussing it with Somi.


“The filming was done while the manager was watching and after checking with Somi, Wooshin and the manager, there wasn’t any such physical contact.

Jeon Somi expressed concern and surprise at such theories being made.

We would like to confirm once again that the allegations made are not true. We will be careful not to worry our fans again. Thank you” – YMC Entertainment and SBS MTV The Show.

Forensic analysis was also performed and the results proved that Wooseok was indeed innocent.


While Wooseok was proven innocent, some netizens still criticized him for his actions and demanded that he apologize.

All of this caused Wooseok to interrupt UP10TION activities, as his mental health was severely damaged.

2.Members of T-ara

This is probably uncountable, as the T-ara members have suffered a lot after this scandal.


In 2012, it was rumored that member Hwayoung was bullied by other members of the group.

Netizens soon gathered “evidence” of bullying from past broadcasts.

All of this caused T-ara’s image to drop significantly and all the members had to suspend activities due to the backlash.


However, there have been many reports in the past claiming that Hwayoung lied. T-ara’s former manager even spoke up about the rumors being untrue.


3. Jisoo (Lovelyz)

In 2014, Jisoo was accused of sexual abuse, rape and assault by netizens.


Woollim Entertainment has denied these allegations and soon began an investigation regarding these allegations.


Jisoo was soon hospitalized due to the stress she had to deal with. In 2015, netizens who spread rumors about Jisoo were found guilty of spreading false accusations.

4. Baekho (NU’EST)

In 2017, Baekho was accused of sᴇxuᴀʟ ᴀssᴀuʟт by an anonymous online community member.


Pledis Entertainment denied all these accusations and tried to prove Baekho’s innocence.


After nearly 8 months of legal disputes, Baekho was proven innocent.

5. IU

In 2019, IU was accused of being involved in a real estate investment scandal.


Many netizens have come forward to criticize her actions even though nothing has been proven.

IU’s agency soon released a statement that IU was innocent and they worked hard to make sure it was proven.

The claims being made regarding IU’s construction and land purchase are not true.

We are collecting information on the many negative rumors and comments that are circulating online and the evidence submitted by fans, and will take strict legal action against the spreading of rumors. false and defamatory character related to our artist” – Kakao M.

The rumor was proven false and many netizens apologized to IU for making hasty judgments.

6. Jennie (Blackpink)

During Jennie’s early days, some people tried to spread the word that Jennie was a bully during her school days.


These rumors were eventually proven to be untrue and were allegedly spread by a female idol hater from YG Entertainment.


Another ғᴀκᴇ rumor being spread about Jennie is that she is said to be dating Teddy Park – one of YG Entertainment’s producers.


These rumors turned out to be untrue and YG Entertainment even warned about taking legal action against the person who spread the rumors.

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