Jennie (BLACKPINK) rеvеаlеs a hidden sеcгеt during the filming of ‘The Idol’ in the US

The Japanese-born female dancer revealed the secret of Jennie (BlackPink) during the filming of the American movie The Idol, attracting many people's attention.

In addition to the success in the singing field when preparing with the members of the BlackPink group to release a new music product, Jennie also attracted attention when entering the acting field in the TV series The Idol on HBO.

This is one of the first young Kpop artists to be featured in a movie with a famous Hollywood star cast. On the personal page of Chelsea Fuji – the Japanese-born female dancer has posted information revealing that she is very happy to be a substitute for the role of Jennie (BlackPink) in the movie The Idol.


Chelsea Fuji revealed that Jennie (BlackPink) was injured during filming.

In this post, Chelsea Fuji also revealed that Jennie was injured during filming, surprising many people. “Jennie had to take a break from filming because of the upcoming BLACKPINK comeback and she is very busy. She has a busy schedule in Korea. She also works very hard despite her injury. So, I was given the opportunity to do a stunt for Jennie and it was fun.” “, Jennie’s post was posted on her personal page.


Many people expressed concern about Jennie’s health before BlackPink’s comeback in August, September. However, until now, Jennie’s side or the management company YG Entertainment has not announced any more information about the female idol having this problem.

Jennie is known as a multi-talented member of the popular girl group BlackPink. She was called by SCMP newspaper “born with a silver spoon when it is said to have a mother who is a major shareholder and stakeholder in CJ E&M, one of Korea’s largest entertainment companies as the parent company of CJ E&M.” Mnet and tvN.


In addition to the success with the group BlackPink, Jennie became the first member to go solo with the song “Solo” in 2018. The single surpassed 300 million views on the world’s major music platform in July/ 2021 and 800 million views on YouTube in March.

Not only that, Jennie is also cooperated with many high-end brands such as Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hera lipstick, Samsung Galaxy and Lotte Candy.


Currently, the public is very excited and looking forward to the cross-court performance of female idol Jennie Kim in the movie The Idol, which is about to be released this fall, and most recently, BlackPink’s upcoming music product. .

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