Jennie (BLACKPINK) was criticized for wearing ‘too sеҳy’ clothes

BlackPink members wear designs just enough to cover the sеҳy parts. This makes many people worry about her when acting on stage.

Jennie is receiving criticism from the online community when she wears the design of the Mugler brand to take concept photos and teaser videos for  Pink Venom, theo Koreaboo.

The design has a strapless part to cover the sеҳy part, combined with a see-through lace in the middle and sewn in a bodysuit style. To reduce the sеҳy element compared to the original version, the stylist has modified many details for the BlackPink group member.


Compared to the other members, Jennie was commented to wear more revealing clothes. Photo:  BlackPink.

However, some people still feel shocked and worried for Jennie when she wears this outfit. They considered it inappropriate for her to wear on stage.


“I really don’t understand what’s going on with Jennie’s clothes”, “She won’t be able to dance on stage in such revealing clothes”, “Why would the crew choose her clothes? that thing?”… are some comments from internet users.


Design of the Mugler brand. Photo:  styleforblinks.

However, some were quick to “quench” the criticism. They said Jennie only wore it for filming and promotions and wouldn’t wear it like that to perform on stage. Besides, they also think that Jennie is mature enough to know how to choose culturally appropriate outfits and avoid risks.

During the announcement of the members’ individual concept and teaser video, fans could not recognize the overall outfit from Jennie because the photo was taken close-up, the video scrolled quickly. It wasn’t until there was a joint video of the members that the controversy over Jennie’s outfit broke out. Compared to Lisa, Rosé and eldest sister Jisoo, Jennie’s design looks better in terms of sеҳiness.


This is not the first time she has caused controversy over her outfit. During her visit to Hawaii (USA) to attend a fashion show, she became the focus of discussion when wearing an underboob style shirt. For Korean idols, wearing this costume is considered too revealing. However, some people think that Jennie’s choice is completely appropriate when she wears it abroad.

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