Jennie (BLACKPINK) was ιɴנuʀᴇᴅ, V (BTS) makes a move show his extremely worried

Until now, the members of Blackpink all have their own projects. After releasing her first solo song, Jennie recently turned to acting and caused a fever with fans.

Until now, the members of Blackpink all have their own projects. After releasing her first solo song, Jennie recently turned to acting and caused a fever with fans.

Besides, Blackpink is about to return after a long absence. Based on this schedule, Jennie is both acting, participating in fashion projects and focusing on the group’s events, which shows that her time is currently almost impossible to spare.

Jennie is currently focusing on HBO’s The Idol project. The series was co-created by The Weeknd, Sam Levinson of Euphoria and Reza Fahim.


However, Blackpink fans are very worried when Jennie’s co-star Chelsea Fuji revealed that the female idol was injured during filming. Chelsea was assigned to play a supporting role for Jennie, so she carefully observed Jennie’s activities on set.

The actress also revealed that Jennie is very busy with a tight schedule. Jennie’s co-star also added, although the female idol was injured, she still worked hard to keep up with the schedule.

Before this information, Blackpink’s fans expressed concern for the female idol’s health. Because with such a dense schedule, it is difficult for her to meet the general plan of the Blackpink group in the near future.

Besides, many fans also wondered about V (BTS)’s reaction when they heard that Jennie had an injury in the middle of a sensitive time.

Up to the present time, V has not made a specific move regarding Jennie’s health issue, but many people believe that he is also “standing still” about his girlfriend’s condition.


For many months now, Jennie and V have been caught up in dating rumors. Much evidence has been given, but the two have yet to officially speak about the incident.

Previously, on June 25, Sports Kyunghyang reported that the public’s attention focused on the dating news between V and Jennie after HYBE – the company in charge of BTS’s management – actively denied the marriage news of V and Jennie. Team leader RM.


On June 24, Big Hit Music – a subsidiary of HYBE – confirmed that dating and marriage news related to male singer RM is unfounded.

“We will strictly respond to malicious content,” the company said.

RM’s marriage news spread from a post on a Korean-American discussion forum. The article confirms that RM is about to marry a girl outside the entertainment industry. She comes from a good family and graduated from a prestigious university.

The owner of the post shared: “A colleague 7 years younger than me called. She said she was about to get married to RM.”

This person said that she and the male singer met during a BTS fanmeeting held between 2014 and 2015. The owner of the post also attached a photo of the conversation between her and the recipient. is RM’s fiancée.

HYBE made the official announcement just a few hours after the rumor started spreading. The audience thinks that this quick reaction is “quite different” from when V’s dating news broke out.

The news about V and Jennie comes from a photo allegedly taken of the two driving on a date on Jeju Island. Since then, the audience has continuously speculated about their relationship.


However, up to now, both HYBE and YG Entertainment have not expressed their official stance. According to Sports Kyunghyang, the company’s silence contributed to the spreading of rumors.

In particular, because HYBE actively responded to RM’s marriage news, the audience believed that V and Jennie’s dating story was true.


“I guess Big Hit won’t make a statement about Jennie and V, because it’s true that they’re dating”, “Why isn’t there an announcement about Jennie and V?”, “HYBE makes a statement very quickly if rumors are circulating. untrue” are some comments from the audience.


Not only that, recently, a source said that Jennie and V went on a private date together. Specifically, a non-fan caught Jennie and V eating together at a barbecue restaurant. This user posted a post on July 24 with the content, “It is true that V and Jennie are dating. I saw them at a restaurant in Oksu-dong. I don’t want to post pictures because I want to keep them private. It’s a barbecue restaurant, so I guess you two must have been together for a long time. Please wait, pictures will be posted soon.”


The restaurant this user mentioned is said to be called Geum Dwaeji Sikdang – a place frequented by BTS members. However, it is not clear why this user deleted the post not long after. However, this still can’t stop the talk about V and Jennie going out to eat, information about these two idols is constantly in the top most read on Pann.

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