Jennie Celebrates Blackpink’s Debut But Still Remembers V (BTS)

More and more information is appearing that V and Jennie are dating recently.

At exactly 0:00 last night (KST), BLACKPINK officially celebrated its 6th debut anniversary (August 8, 2016 – August 8, 2022). The group also brought new good news to fans with a poster confirming the release date of the song that paved the way for the 2nd full album “Pink Venom” on August 19.

Not long after the poster  Pink Venom was posted, the BLACKPINK members also quickly posted commemorative photos of the group on their personal Instagram. The photos mostly capture the memorable moments of the 4 members during their 6 years of activities.

However, Jennie’s post was especially noticeable. The female idol posted a total of 7 photos, but in the 6th photo, it can be seen that the owner of the original photo left the logo: 7btsnoona.

No one in Korean is an informal word that boys call older sisters. Especially the characters bts  and the number 7 raise the suspicion that this is an account of BTS fans (BTS has 7 members).


The photo has the logo of 7btsnoona

Below the comment section, there are quite a few comments criticizing Jennie, saying that she intentionally drew attention when leaving a photo logo related to BTS. BLINKs countered, claiming that Jennie just chose the photo accidentally and didn’t pay attention to such small details.

The controversy still shows no sign of stopping, pushing the number of comments in the article up to 80,000, as of 10:30 am on August 8.


A lot of critical comments appeared under Jennie’s post

V and Jennie have been constantly entangled in dating suspicions recently. After setting up Instagram a few days ago, Jennie was the only person V followed besides BTS members. Although the male idol later hinted to the fans that the follow-up was just a mistake, the story still made the couple’s “shipper” open the flag in his stomach.

A few months passed, and V and Jennie even made headlines in Korean newspapers after a photo of the two of them appeared in the same car. Although fans of both sides have repeatedly confirmed that this is an edited photo, V and Jennie’s management company has never once commented on the rυmσrs.


The photo made the Korean media confirm that the two stars are dating

By the end of July, V and Jennie were again caught by a Korean netizen eating at a restaurant in Oksu-dong. However, this person didn’t take pictures as evidence and it’s all just rυmσrs

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