Jennie Keeps Yelling One Phrase While ‘Tipsy’ At The Jacquemus Afterparty

Jennie  (BLACKPINK) recently caught the attention when she appeared at Jacquemus Le Raphia’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show. However, it was her appearance at the party afterwards that made fans say she was just like us!

BLACKPINK Jennie at Jacquemus Le Raphia’s Spring/Summer 2023 fashion show | @blackpinkbabo/Twitter

Many clips of Jennie having fun at the party appeared, but there was a special clip that made the residents burst out laughing.

First, she danced and took photos with her friends, Korean supermodel  Shin Hyun Ji  and founder  Simon Porte Jacquemus . However, after this point, fans suspect that she may have been a bit drunk!

Jennie and Shin Hyun Ji

Jennie and Simon Porte Jacquemus

The clip features Jennie continuing to dance with Shin Hyun Ji as she asks for a memorable song!

“Let’s play ‘Pink Venom!’” – Jennie said

However, due to the noisy atmosphere, Jennie had to repeat – This time, she was sure that the other party heard!

“*screams* PLAY ‘PINK VENOM!’” – Jennie said aloud

Fans call Jennie a self-promotion queen, even when she’s partying!

How Much Moпeγ Does Blackpink Earn From The ‘Born Pink’ World Tour?

In 2022, Blackpink returned after 2 years of absence with the album Born Pink and received a lot of attention from the audience. After the success of this album, the 4 members also held a world tour of the same name with a huge scale.

This is considered the biggest tour in the history of a K-pop girl group. A total of 45 shows, including 14 shows in North America, 10 shows in Europe, 16 shows in Asia and 5 shows in Oceania.

Recently, Blackpink made history when becoming the first girl group to earn more than 3 mιllιon USD for a concert in the US.

They achieved this feat with two-night sold-out shows in Newark, New Jersey – where they performed at the Prudential Center on November 14 and 15, raking in a whopping $3,298 mιllιon per night. .

Currently, Blackpink’s world tour ” Born Pink ” has just been announced and has earned $6,596,000 (2 nights in Newark, New Jersey).

Previously, the group’s online concert “The Show  ” taking place on January 31, 2021 also achieved many remarkable achievements. Fans were overwhelmed when the announced sales figure reached over 10 billion KRW (over 7.66 mιllιon USD).

During the first world tour titled ” In Your Area ” from November 2018 to February 2020, Blackpink visited 17 countries and 26 cities. Accordingly, the group brought in $ 46 mιllιon, an average of $ 1.4 mιllιon per night.