Jennie Makes Jaws Drop With Her ‘Tinker Bell’ Silhouette During Her Stage Performance

On November 9, one netizen took to an online community and created a post titled, “What is up with Jennie’s silhouette, seriously?” Here, the netizen included several photos from BLACKPINK’s ‘Born Pink’ concert, where Jennie’s silhouette was revealed to the audience during her solo stage performance. The netizen further wrote, “She is seriously so pretty…” Many netizens expressed their amazement at how even Jennie’s silhouette was beautiful, resembling Tinker Bell.

Netizens commented:

“She looks like Tinker Bell.”

“Her line is so frickin’ pretty.”

“So pretty.”

“She looks like a fairy.”

“Wow, Jennie is so pretty.”

“They do say that pretty people even have pretty silhouettes…super pretty.”

“TTTTT So cute.”

“She looked even better during their concert in Seoul.”

Jennie SҺσcks Netizens With Fake Bangs And Looks Insanely Gorgeous

BLACKPINK Jennie ‘s latest hairstyle  quickly caught the attention of fans!

Jennie went to Houston for BLACKPINK’s “Born Pink” tour with all the bangs!

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

The straight hairstyle is one that she doesn’t usually try – but whenever she does, it’s always a fan favorite.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

Taking a selfie in front of the mirror with  Jisoo , the two girls show off the typical dynamism of “cats and puppies”.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

The refreshing hairstyle highlights Jennie’s youthful and cute features, highlighting her femininity and innocent charm.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

| @jennierubyjane / Instagram

Plus, the hair blends seamlessly, making sure you don’t think it’s fake at first glance.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

With no bangs, her dreamy eyes look big and round…

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

… But with bangs, her eyes look more like a cat.

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

Jennie is one of the few people who looks stunning both with and without bangs!

@jennierubyjane / Instagram

No matter what hairstyle she chooses, she is always the prettiest.