Jennie Released A Beautiful Picture Like A Muse After A Great Comeback

This year, Kpop fans must be very happy when Jennie (BLACKPINK) and the whole group are preparing for a great comeback. Recently, she made fans fall in love again when she updated a series of new photos on Instagram.

After a series of active days promoting popular products in the near future, the female idol  Jennie  of YG Entertainment is attracting the attention of the majority of netizens. BLACKPINK is about to make an explosive comeback, the  member’s name  Jennie is also  widespread nationally and internationally.

Most recently, the multi-talented girl of YG Entertainment has just posted a series of photos on Instagram like a sweet muse. Jennie appeared in a two-piece plaid dress. I must admit, every time the 9x beauties appear,  fans all whisper because of Jennie Kim’s ability to coordinate extremely trendy and trendy clothes.


Instead of choosing a pair of high heels to enhance her figure through a long dress that partly cheated her height, Jennie did not hesitate to wear a basic style sneaker black with white plaid pattern to increase the height. Add emphasis and personality to the outfit. Besides, the vocalist Solo choose mixed shoes with white socks. At first glance, they may not be compatible with each other, but their personality and quality are strange.


With the usual “matching” styles, trendy girls often prefer to choose high heels with long dresses instead of sports shoes. Because if you choose like Jennie, it will easily affect your height. However, the beautiful girl proved it can be overcome even if it goes against the majority.


In the photos posted by the female idol on her personal Instagram, the public has given many favorable compliments to her pretty bare face without dead corners. Some netizens even expressed admiration and asked for skin care secrets from beautiful people.

– Unnie, how can you take care of your face as beautiful as you?

– So pretty, Jenny!


It is known that Jennie is currently having popular American projects in the West. Recently, the multi-talented girl has just released HBO’s  The Idol  in collaboration with famous vocalist The Weeknd, marking a new step in her career.

According to the voice of 9x, from the very beginning when she first read the script, Jennie was attracted to the special character in the movie. Because of that, she quickly accepted the invitation to join without hesitation. Jennie confided, “As soon as I read the script, I found it so fascinating that I really wanted to participate in this drama. I’m very excited. I’ll do my best, so please accept it. It’s so hot!”


In addition, the  BLACKPINK  members have just released the trailer of the new MV marking the return to the epic music race, after a period of hiding and waiting for the “people”. Although the teaser is only 30 seconds, the sounds and images stimulated the excitement of fans. It is known that, before releasing this cult trailer, BLACKPINK has just “populated” the fans through the MV Ready For Love with the first graphics when combined with the PUBG MOBILE game.


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