Jennie Rҽvҽals How Her Mindset Has Changed From The Last World Tour To This One

In a recent interview with ELLEBLACKPINK‘s Jennie got vulnerable and shared her struggles during the last tour and how she healed and learned to take care of herself for their current BORN PINK world tour.

BORN PINK is BLACKPINK’s second world tour, and as any artist knows, touring is never easy. After all, holding consecutive concerts in multiple cities and countries is taxing, and if idols aren’t careful, exhaustion and burnout are very likely. For Jennie, that’s what happened to her during BLACKPINK’s first world tour, In Your Area; she wasn’t aware of all the challenges touring would bring, and it hit her hard, especially mentally.

I remember when we were on tour back then, I didn’t have that space inside where I felt stable, where I felt like I knew where I was at. I was very lost. I didn’t know who I was when I was off work. I didn’t know who I was when I was at work. Everything was just coming at me. It was a surprise every day.

— Jennie

Jennie loves the stage and wants to give the best of herself every time, but unlike music broadcast stages where you can give your 200% with no consequences, conserving energy is crucial for a tour. If you’re doing anything for a long time, consistently giving 100% of yourself is better than giving your 200% sporadically, but in her eagerness to give her all, Jennie ended up burning out.

Wisdom comes with experience, and now Jennie is aware of how important it is to check in with herself and know where she’s at physically and mentally.

So now I try to always take time to take care of myself, check in on me, and make sure I know where I’m at before I go into any big projects.

— Jennie

For this BORN PINK tour, Jennie and all the girls are learning how to make the most of their time and make every concert stop a lifelong memory.

Now we are paying much more attention to even the minor details to make it better from our last tour, because we’ve learned a lot in terms of how we can interact with friends and how to showcase our new songs and how to make this tour an experience for people to remember, not just enjoy for a day and forget. We want to make sure everyone remembers that they were at a BLACKPINK show.

— Jennie

Besides maintaining a healthy mindset for the world tour, Jennie is working in her everyday life to maintain a balance between her work and personal life. In this way, she can approach life with steadfast strength and passion, allowing herself to stand tall in the midst of the stress and negativity that comes her way.

For the past few years, having my close friends, having my family around, and just trying to balance that work life and personal life was very important for me. Because once you get caught in one life, if that’s not balanced, I think that’s when everything starts collapsing. I don’t think one specific thing could de-stress me, because we’ve got something going on every single moment, but keeping a positive mind, just taking care of your mental health and your body, is definitely something that I do… I meditate, stretch, read, sleep.

— Jennie

Jennie’s smile has been incomparably bright this world tour, and we pray that she will continue to take care of her health and be surrounded with love so that the sun in her smile will never fade.