Jennie Reʋeαls The Food She Always Carries In Her Bag

Since appearing as a trainee, Jennie (Blackpink) has been noticed with her small face (Vline), elegant and bright and clear eyes.

With pure beauty, she easily conquers and captures the hearts of the opposite person.

Not only that, but she is also loved by the difference, breaking all the standards that make up an idol singer in Kpop. That’s why Jennie always brings many surprises to fans.

Recently, an interview video of Jennie was posted on Elle’s official YouTube channel.

In the clip, when asked when she feels the strongest, Jennie said, “I’m strongest when promoting as a member of Blackpink.When the girls are around and doing what we love, performing on stage, interacting with the fans.” 

On the most impressive piece of advice she’s heard while promoting, she said, “Well, I’ve received a lot of advice in my life but lately, I’m going to take it slow and make time for myself. me”. 

To have the success like today, it can be said that Jennie has  worked tirelessly with her breakthrough.Especially the care and love of many people. Jennie said her family, friends and fans are the most precious people in her life.

Talking about the biggest source of motivation, giving her strength is her mother. When talking about her mother, Jennie said, “The number one cheerleader of all time is none other than my mother.” 

As a public person, but in Jennie, she is just an ordinary girl like her peers, who likes the most simple things.Therefore, Jennie also rҽvҽalҽd her favorite food for the first time, which is also considered her “healing medicine”.

Jennie confessed: “Nurungji (Vietnamese style of fried rice – NV)  is probably the dish associated with me. So I carry my own nurungji in my suitcase everywhere I go. 

I can eat it when I am traveling or at work or at home. So I have it in my pocket quite a bit.”

Finally, Jennie talked about herself that people have not seen in her before. The female idol shared, “I’m really shy when speaking English and doing interviews. 

I don’t think people realize how nervous I am and like I’m actually shaking inside. But yeah, I’m actually trying to stay calm.” 

Jennie And Rosé Were Stunned By This Fans Request

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé are currently going viral for a series of videos from a fan that made them confused!

If you are unfamiliar with the app BeReal, the app is a social media tool that goes off at a random time throughout the day and makes users take a photo of their current surroundings, prompting them to “be rҽαl”.

A fan recently has the chance to quickly chat with both Jennie and Rosé and asked them the question “Will you take my BeReal?” Both members were equally as confused about the question!

When Rosé was asked to take the fans BeReal, she responded with “What’s that? Take your BeReal? I don’t know what that is!” She laughed with the fan when it was explained to her.

When asked the same question Jennie responded in a much funnier way! She simply responded with “BeReal?” and scratched her head, which made fans on Twitter laugh!

Though the fan was unsuccessful in getting either Jennie or Rosé in their BeReal photo, if you happen to get a BeReal notification while in the presence of BLACKPINK, it might be a better time to ask them to join in, since they know all about how the app works now!