Jessy Mendiola Covered Up Her Mermaid Tattoo With a New Tattoo And OMG It’s So Pretty

But on Wednesday, she had a diver added next to her mermaid tattoo and had it changed into a “whale shark”! The two new tattoos represent the time she and her boyfriend Luis Manzano went scuba diving at Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park and had a close encounter with the sea creature. In a message interview, she stated:”It’s very memorable for me because it was my first time to see a whale shark. It has always been a dream of mine to see one up close.”

Instead of getting a new tattoo somewhere else, she decided to just cover up her old one, according to Jessy. The addition of another tattoo in a different location will only increase the number of areas that MUAs must conceal during shoots.

Jessy’s new tattoo was designed by none other than tattoo artist Wiji Lacsamana! ICYDK, Wiji is renowned for her watercolor tattoos; she specializes in producing artwork that appears to have been painstakingly painted.

Be ready to spend at least P2,500 if you want to get your own pretty watercolor tattoo from Wiji. The artist spoke with her through SMS and stated, “Then it (the price) goes up from there, depending on the intricacy of the design, the actual size of the tattoo, and the placement.”

Additionally, Wiji advises doing the following to prevent the colors from vanishing right away: “Rinse your fresh tattoo with clean water and mild, unfragranced soap. Then, apply a thin layer of mild, unfragranced ointment or moisturizer on the tattoo twice a day for two to three weeks. It is important to put only a thin layer of moisturizer, [because] you need [the tattoo] to be moisturized but not so much that it never dries down.”

She goes on to say that you shouldn’t pick or scratch at a tattoo because they are wounds that may eventually scab. “If you must, tap it lightly or apply a cold compress to ease the discomfort.” Once your tatt has healed, “apply sunblock on it regularly, especially if the area is always exposed to the sun.”