Jihoon (TREASURE’s) Is Fanboy Goals After Pulling A Rare Photocard Of One Of His Blackpink Faves

It’s no secret that  TREASURE is one of BLACKPINK’s  biggest fanboys  . As colleagues from the same company of  YG Entertainment , the two groups have had many cute interactions like siblings, which are loved by fans.

TREASURE | @MnetMAMA/Twitter


In particular, Jihoon  always talks about his love for girl groups and has repeatedly praised the members. Fans especially loved his shy look when interacting with  Rosé  ( BLACKPINK)  when he was MC last year.

Rose and Jihoon

In fact, Jihoon is such a huge BLINK that he set his sights on ᴍᴜᴀsome custom Oreosᴄ by BLACKPINK when TREASURE landed in Jakarta, Indonesia for the group to appear at the SARANGHAEYO INDONESIA concert in 2022   .

BLACKPINK has partnered with the brand to release exclusive packs of Pink Oreos, which have only been released in Indonesia so far.


Fan : Jihoon, Oreo x BLACKPINK coming to Korea in February 2023

Jihoon : I have to ᴍᴜᴀ it in Jakarta before going back to Korea.


@blackpinkbabo / Twitter

In true fanboy style, Jihoon even made sure that the Oreos pack came with the photocard!

Fan : If you come to Jakarta, be sure to try it… Oreo X BlackPink sunbaenim is in Jakarta. You should try it when you come to Jakarta…

Jihoon : Can I have a photocard too?

Luckily for Jihoon, he didn’t have to wait long after the group arrived in Jakarta because a fan managed to give him a pack of Oreos as they left for the airport.

Jihoon holding Oreo x BLACKPINK

The group had a great performance, but before the show, Jihoon streamed from his hotel room. During the live stream, he unboxed his Oreos and showed off Rosé ‘s photocards !

According to domestic fans, Rosé’s card photo is extremely difficult to find, so he is even luckier. This didn’t stop Jihoon from trying to exchange photocards with a TEUME who shared that they got two of Jisoo’s photocards!

Jisoo wants to exchange cards with fans

In true fanboy style, Jihoon then shared all of his card photos from the Oreos, showing that he has every member except Jennie .

Jihoon’s post on Weverse.

Fans of both groups love Jihoon’s fanboy moment and look forward to seeing more!