Jimin And V’s Trαgιc Story Made BTS Laugh Nonstop

After hearing the stories that BTS writes, you might want them to write K-drama.

In episode 7 of BT21 UNIVERSE 3, BTS continued to create storylines for their BT21 characters.


Before that, the members formed an anti-fan group called AT21, Slytherin Suga used magic unsuccessfully, and CEO Jin came up with weird ways to raise funds.


In this episode, BTS added a new chapter to BT21’s story and let’s say things escalated very quickly.


Suga’s character, Shooky, can’t keep up. Previously, Jin trieWriter V added a detailed (and equally sad) scene of Van to the story, where the robot breaks down…d to get Shooky to sell cookies to his friends for money.

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Now writer Jimin wants Shooky to sacrifice himself in a glass of milk. RM was saddened by this tragic incident but the other members couldn’t stop laughing.

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… Because of Shooky’s milk? Breaking news: This heroic tragedy is now a chaotic comedy.

This is of course not surprising. Fans always expect a lot from BTS.



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