Jimin Was Praised By Netizens For This Act When Leaving The Lollapalooza Stage

As a best friend and also a member of BTS, Jimin accompanied J-Hope to the Lollapalooza music festival, seeing his teammates become the event's first Korean celebrity.

J-Hope recently shared how grateful he is that Jimin has come to support him during a major milestone in his career. Jimin showed humility in accepting these kind words!


However, that wasn’t the only time Jimin showed his humble nature. Lucky fans had a moment with Jimin as he left his spot on the side of the stage to watch J-Hope.

tai xuong 18

tai xuong 19

Waving to ARMY, he couldn’t help but greet the fans who saw him.

tai xuong 20

However, when the fans shouted, Jimin quickly extinguished it with a “no” sign, signaling that he doesn’t need any applause since this is J-Hope’s stage!

tai xuong 21

Jimin didn’t attend Lollapalooza as “BTS’s Jimin” but on this special day, he was just one of many ARMYs who showed up to support J-Hope!

tai xuong 22

After the clip went viral on social media, many netizens praised Jimin for this action.


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