Jimin’s Hard Past, Persistent Efforts To Become ‘Idol Of Idols’

However, to get to the position like today, Jimin has gone through countless difficulties and hardships that not everyone knows.

BTS consists of 7 members, respectively: Jimin, Jin,  Suga, RM,  J-Hope, V, Jungkook. In which, Jimin is the member who takes the position of lead vocal and main dancer of BTS. He is praised as an almighty idol, because not only is he the trump card in terms of vocals, but he also possesses extremely skilled dance skills. In addition, Jimin also has an extremely attractive aura on stage.


Jimin’s dream journey

Before debuting as a member of  BTS, Jimin used to be very good at modern dance. As the top student in the choreography department of Busan High School of the Arts, his teacher advised him to participate in Big Hit’s audition.

Then, following his teacher’s advice, Jimin auditioned for Big Hit in Busan and passed the first audition. At the age of 17, he made the brave decision to move to Seoul on his own to become a trainee.

Jimin had the shortest training period in the group and was the last member added to the lineup. Since the other members had more time to practice together, Jimin felt a lot of pressure to catch up and prove that he was worthy of the last place in the group.

On an episode of You Quiz On The Block, Jimin revealed that he would practice until 4am and wake up at 6:30am to go to school. Jungkook said that Jimin is the most dedicated and hardworking member. Jimin once shared that as long as you work hard, achieving your dreams will not be difficult.

In 2013, he debuted as the lead vocal and main dancer of BTS. The BTS member possesses an attractive charisma and attractive appearance. However, few people know that at first, the male artist was heavily criticized for his appearance. Because his body type is easy to gain weight, he had to work hard to get where he is today.


In 2016, Jimin released his solo debut song “Lie” from BTS’ Wings album. The content of the song is about a boy trying to avoid fear, temptation, and painful emotions.

In 2018, he released the song Serendipity on the album Love Yourself: Answer. In the same year, Jimin continued to release the song “Promise” composed by himself. In just 1 day of debut, Promise won many remarkable achievements such as: Top 1 on Korean music charts, 8.5 million streams worldwide worldafter 1 day of debut… This achievement of his has been reported by famous American newspapers such as Forbes, Billboard, New York Time.


In 2020, Jimin released a song called Filter on BTS’s album Map Of The Soul:7. Once again, the male artist showed his charisma when this song has just been released and has become the most streamed Korean solo song on YouTube Music.

After many hardships and hardships, now Jimin has proven that he is truly an “idol of idols” when he has raised his name to the level of an international star, and at the same time proved it to the whole world. The world knows the talent and the intense passion that always boils in this artist’s heart.

Was threatened with shooting at the concert

Throughout his career, Jimin has been threatened with life many times. In 2017, Jimin was threatened with death at a concert that took place on April 1-2, 2017 in California. By 2018, the male idol was twice threatened by anti-fans at the group’s concert. In a press conference, Jimin personally spoke about this issue: “I am extremely shocked to hear yet another death threat. This is the 2nd time since last year. Even so, I’m more worried for the fans than for myself.”


The male idol also expressed his trust in the management company and tried to reassure fans, “I will not flinch from threats like this. There are many people waiting to see me. I don’t think people should worry because the staff always take good care of me.”

Frequently entangled in many markets

Jimin once got into a scandal of wearing a shirt with sensitive words. Specifically, the male idol wears a white T-shirt with words about the bombing of Hiroshima. According to the Japanese concept, this is a serious insult. After that, he continued to get into trouble when taking pictures at the Empire State Tower with a shirt printed with sensitive Russian letters. This is the time BTS attended the iHeartRadio LIVE event at the iHeartRadio Theater, New York.


Next is the rumor of going out to a nightclub and playing with strange girls. Originally a gentle, shy guy in the BTS group. So when the images of Jimin going to the nightclub, playing with strange girls caused a heavy impact on his image.

Besides, Jimin was also caught up in dating news with Seulgi (Red Velvet). There is a lot of evidence that the couple wears “couple clothes” such as: shirt, jewelry … Even in some clipping clips, it also shows that the two often give “signs” to each other. However, the majority of fans of both Jimin and Seulgi denied this rumor.


Although entangled in many scandals and unwanted marketing, it is undeniable that Jimin’s talent.

“Idol of Idols”

In 2022, the British version of Vogue published an article titled “What’s next for each member of BTS?”. In it, this newspaper has carefully considered the future of the members and how their solo potential will be discovered in the near future. When it comes to Jimin, the newspaper affirmed that the male idol is the one with the most potential when he is known by the nickname “Idol of Idols”.


“Called ‘Idol of Idols’, Jimin has an angelic voice and excellent dancing skills. During the  video  of the group’s dinner party, Jimin also revealed that he was working on a new music product, and even asked Suga about collaborating,” Vogue commented on the male idol’s skills. .

In fact, Jimin is considered a huge influence on KPop, especially with young rookies. Members of newly debuted groups see Jimin as an admirable figure and want to emulate. The BTS member is also often praised for his talent. Therefore, the aspect that this newspaper thinks Jimin should exploit is as a guest advisor for K-pop trainee survival programs. With experience and skillful skills in many fields, Jimin is fully qualified to lead the juniors as a professional instructor.


Vogue also predicted the kind of music that Jimin will choose for his solo path. Although Jimin’s vocals are perfect for ballads, Vogue thinks his solo career shines even more if it focuses on crazy choreography performances like I Need You on the MMA stage this year. 2019. Jimin’s solo stages have always been the highlight of not only Jimin’s career but also BTS’s. In 2018, the male idol was honored to receive an appreciation board for his dance performance at the Melon Music Awards.


Along with those possibilities, one thing is certain that Jimin’s solo will be successful. In a survey on Billboard, it was shown that Jimin’s solo project is a personal project that all audiences are excited to watch. Therefore, it is possible that Jimin’s solo career will bring many respectable new records.


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