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‘s expectation: “A championship is coming to the future in Miami.”

Stephen Curry sells luxurious Spanish-style home

Agents Andy Read and Ana O’Byrne of Coldwell Banker have listed the beautiful Spanish-style property owned by Ayesha and Stephen Curry in Orinda, California for $3.895 million. The mansion has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, and the couple paid $3.1 million for it in 2013.

The 4,700-square-foot home is situated approximately an hour from San Francisco, and it includes amenities like a swimming pool, a dumbwaiter, a basketball hoop in the driveway, and tiled patios and balconies.

The walk-in closet in the master bedroom has custom-made built-ins, and the bathroom has a Victoria and Albert limestone tub. The home also has a fireplace, two private balconies, a three-car garage, and a walk-in closet. The new homeowners updated the kitchen and installed an outdoor cooking and dining space with electric heaters. The property even features its own putting green and Syrah orchard.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Currys have pυrchased a $3.2 million mansion in Walnut Creek. In recent history, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award has never been won by a player with 100% of the vote like Stephen Curry did. Neither Magic Johnson nor Michael Jordan nor LeBron James nor any other NBA legend has ever done this.

Inside King Kyrie Irving’s $755K mansion, with photos

Kyrie Irving has been regarded as one of the NBA’s top ball handlers. He has played in eight All-Star Games for the NBA and earned a championship with the team. Do you ever wonder how a man like Kyrie Irving can handle sharing a house with an NBA all-star like him?

I guess you can stop wondering now.

In this piece, we’ll talk about Kyrie Irving’s $750,000 Westlake area property in Cleveland, Ohio.

Irving bought a 5,500 square foot home from former Cavalier Daniel Gibson and his wife Keyshia Cole for $800,000 after being drafted first overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft. Until he convinced Cleveland to trade him to the Boston Celtics, Irving would stay at this home.

Kyrie Irving’s 5,500 square foot mansion is pictured here. Irving originally resided in a four-bedroom, six-bathroom house in Cleveland. His home is decked up in basketball memorabilia, from the hoop in the living room to the basketball rings outside. In addition, when not playing basketball, Irving most certainly utilized the mansion’s music studio, theater, and home gym. Irving’s master suite is spacious and includes an elegant walk-in closet and ensuite.

However, Irving eventually decided to sell the mansion despite having lived there during his affluent years. In 2017, the NBA champion sold his mansion in Westlake for $1.7 million. After failing to find a buyer, Irving made the disappointing decision to sell the house for $755,000.

Even though Irving has often been in the middle of controversy away from the NBA court, few people paid attention to him while he was on the road with the Brooklyn Nets. There was even talk of a reconciliation between the NBA star and LeBron James when Irving made a $3.7 million house pυrchase in Los Angeles. However, as everyone knows, the dissatisfied celebrity spent the winter in Brooklyn. During the middle of the 2022-2023 NBA season, the star player was traded to the Dallas Mavericks.

We know this much about Kyrie Irving’s $755,000 mansion at this time.