Jin reportedly submitted to cancel military postponement and considered time to leave

Insiders have reportedly told Yonhap 𝑁ews that Jin has formally notified the Military Manpower Association of his intention to cancel his military delay. Jin’s enrollment had previously been postponed until December 31.

Jin is now qualified to be summoned into duty since he has formally submitted his cancellation of delay. Jin’s enlistment date will be decided by the Military Manpower Association after taking into account the quantity of candidates, the military’s requirement, and other aspects.

Yonhap 𝑁ews’ claim hasn’t been confirmed by HYBE yet.

Surprised with Jin BTS’s indispensable items

BTS and Jin frequently carry tennis rackets, luggage, and cell phones.

The eldest BTS member, Jin, recently revealed to GQ magazine readers the things he “can’t live without.”

Tennis bags and rackets

Tennis is Jin’s sport of choice. Jin displayed his tennis prowess in multiple “𝘙un BTS” episodes, playing like a pro.

Because it was little and very limited edition, Jin said he really enjoyed the racket bag.

Electronic keyboard

The older sibling of BTS revealed that he has been playing video games since elementary school. The game has taken on a life of its own by level 2. The group’s top video player is V. Jin noted that despite his little playing, V has the capacity to grasp the game extremely rapidly.

Three to four BTS members gathered to play games about a year and a half ago.

They frequently engage in leisure activities in between joƅ commitments.


He often carries a bag that LV frequently uses and puts his wallet inside. However, there are situations when a male vocalist just absorbs instinct without acting on it. When he left the house, he occasionally even neglected to take his wallet.

Pajamas (pajamas) designed by Jin

With Jin’s travel schedule, a computer, an electronic keyboard, and a computer mouse, this is a necessary tool.

Jin spoke about how the outfit was created.

As a result, the male singer’s first inspirations were limited to the color blue and wingless angels.

He created his TinyTan avatar into a cute take on an angel with the help of the crew.

Mobile phone

Jin is utilizing a unique phone made by the firm for whom BTS is serving as a brand ambassador. Jin compares having his phone nearby to having “breath, like oxygen.”

The male singer also utilizes a BTS brand phone cover that has a chip that functions as a home key.

Hand bag

As previously noted, Jin always carries this branded bag with him. The male vocalist appreciates simplicity and compactness; the branded bag is ideal for Jin’s demands, thus he frequently uses it.

Branded trousers

Jin particularly like wearing clothing from the brand Thom Browne. If you spend a lot of money on clothing, according to him, make sure the brand is well-known.

Jin doesn’t give much thought to his appearance since, in his opinion, a beautiful face suffices.

He chooses his clothing each day with a lot of laziness.

He used these jeans so frequently that there was a Һole in them.


Jin, who values comfort above all, always goes with slippers over sandals or shoes. The male idol claims that he always wears slippers, whether he is going out, fishing, or even on tour.

The male vocalist carries his wallet less frequently than his sandals.