Jin voiced a touching message to ARMYs before enlistment

The male idol voiced a message to the fans right away following the posting of the details on the date, time, and place of Jin’s enlistment (BTS). In order to avoid upsetting the locals, BTS’s “older brother” hopes that the fans won’t visit the military training camp.

“It was never my intention to go public with matters related to enlistment. Dear fans, you should not go to the military training camp. There will be many others who will also join the army. army and go with their loved ones, so things will be chaotic and possibly dangerous,” Jin reminded his fans.

(Photo: Bighit Music)

Following Jin’s message, the fans shown sympathy and shared advice about keeping quiet during the male idol’s and other people’s recruitment processes.

“I feel so bad because even if the fans don’t come, there will definitely be a lot of reporters at Jin’s enlistment location”, “Everyone, please don’t disturb the training camp”, “Probably do It’s hard to be a star”, “Jin wants to join the army in silence. But someone leaked this information out”… – fan comments about his enlistment BTS members.

Jin intends to begin his military service on December 13 at a recruit training facility in Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi-do, according to a top-secret source (South Korea). The management agency Bighit Music responded to this news by cryptically stating that it was unable to confirm it.

Before enlisting, Jin (BTS) launches a picture book project

Jin’s individual photo book project has been launched by BTS’s management business, Bighit Music.

Thus, this photo book will be made available the next month, just before Jin formally enlists and starts his two years of military service.

Jin’s latest photo album is specifically titled Sea of JIN Island.

This is a component of the Special 8 Photo-Folio project the group started in September in order to showcase the uniqueness and fresh side of each member of the group from a personal standpoint.

The other 3 members, Jungkook, RM, and Jimin, all released solo photo books before Jin.

Bighit explained to fans the idea behind the illustration, saying that Jin “has expressed various emotions that the audience can feel in this book by using 3 concepts: captain, pirate, and fisherman.” This book contains images.

An image was геvеаled in Jin’s new photo book (BTS). (Photo: Bighit Music)

The debate over whether BTS could be exempt from military service due to dishonest donations was put to rest last month when BTS’ “older brother” геvеаled his intention to serve in the military. typically of the group, whether or not they are artists. The 29-year-old male hero also declared a few days ago that he would enlist in the army in December. The corporation, however, stayed silent and withheld information regarding Jin’s precise recruitment date and location.

All fit and healthy men in Korea are obligated to serve two years in the military.

When they attain this required age, the other BTS members will take turns doing their obligations after Jin.