Jin’s ‘The Astronaut’ has great success to cover large music markets in the UK and Japan

It’s been a week since the release of ‘The Astronaut’ by Jin. He wrote this song together with Coldplay, curating every single step. The song became a great success that keeps ƅreaking records every single day. Sadly, the promotion has been paused since the start of the mourning in Korea. There’s still more content to be released soon.

It performed amazingly on the global scene despite the huge competition with Taylor Swift’s album, Drake’s album, and Rihanna’s new song. ‘The Astronaut’ topped the US iTunes chart in less than 1.5 hours, topped the sales charts, and got over 500k streams in a day there. The Billboard charts will be published in a few days.

Meanwhile, Jin is ƅreaking records in the other two largest music markets in the world – the UK and Japan. ‘The Astronaut’ debuted at #61 on the UK Official Singles Chart, bagging the highest debut for a Korean solo song. It also tied for the highest debut on the UK Official Singles Sales and Download Chart (#2). Even Jin’s unofficial releases, such as ‘Abyss,’ ‘Tonight,’ debuted on the UK charts. ‘The Astronaut’ also reached #1 on the UK iTunes chart on the first day of the release.

By the way, Jin’s physical album got sold out in all of the Tower Record outlets in Japan in just a few hours!

Right now, Jin’s single is charting on the biggest music platforms in Japan – Line, and Ricochoku. He now holds the record for the highest debut for a Korean male solo act on the Spotify Top Artist Japan Chart! ‘The Astronaut’ also debuted at #43 on the Billboard Japan Нot 100. On the Billboard Top Artists in Japan chart, Jin has reached a new peak at #35. Jin’s OST ‘Yours’ was charting at #1 on the Shazam Japan chart for 235 days and was replaced by ‘The Astronaut’ by Jin! The music video is at #5 on Һot trending videos on Japanese Youtube.

Jin continues proving himself as a powerful solo artist all around the world!