Jisoo Achieved A Series Of Great Achievements Before Blackpink’s Comeback

When she first debuted, Jisoo (BLACKPINK) was often called a "mobile vase", less prominent than her teammates because she sang less.

Over time, Jisoo has escaped the negative label, becoming the holder of a series of great achievements before BLACKPINK’s comeback.


As the first member of BLACKPINK that YG Entertainment uploaded the PINK VENOM teaser concept video , Jisoo received a huge amount of views. After 53 hours, the female idol still maintains the top 1 position in global YouTube trending. At the same time, Jisoo’s video also reached the top trending in 54 countries.


Jisoo is currently also one of the two female K-pop idols (besides Jennie) who owns the fastest individual teaser to reach 1 million views with 22 minutes. Currently, the first concept video of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister has reached more than 12 million views (the highest for a female idol), the second video has more than 7 million views.


Besides a series of great achievements on YouTube, Jisoo also left many records on other platforms. Accordingly, the topic of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister reached No.1 real-time Pann Nate, becoming a hot event , surpassing the milestone of 140 thousand reads. Jisoo is also the only member of BLACKPINK whose teaser is in Top 100 Naver TV, specifically at 6th place.


During her comeback with PINK VENOM, Jisoo shocked fans with visuals with just a few seconds of the teaser. Makeup inspired by spiders, wearing lip piercings, horizontal bangs helps BLACKPINK’s eldest sister stand out, beautiful and magical.


Once unappreciated, even called “mobile vase”, Jisoo has successfully escaped the mark, proving her multi-talented to the audience.

After 2 years of focusing on individual activities, BLACKPINK finally returned to the music track with all 4 members. Starting from August 8, the group’s social networking sites began posting posters announcing the comeback schedule, album posters, individual posters of the members, etc.

The latest posts are all promoting the opening single “Pink Venom”, which is scheduled to be released on August 19.


According to Chosun, many famous foreign news agencies such as Billboard, NME, Rolling Stones… constantly update about BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback. Thanks to their special international appeal, the comeback of the 4 YG girls is expected to continue setting the group’s record chain on global charts. To meet the expectations of international fans, after releasing the full album in September, from mid-October, BLACKPINK officially kicked off the biggest-ever global tour in Kpop.

Right from the start-up stage, BLACKPINK has been directed by YG to develop in the international market when choosing a lineup with 3/4 members who can communicate fluently in English. The music style and image that the group pursues is considered to be quite picky about the taste of the home audience, but is widely loved internationally. This is also the difference between BLACKPINK and other girl groups in Kpop.


Music critic Kim Young Dae explained that it was BLACKPINK’s image and style that made the group stand out among a series of other artists debuting at the same time: “They have a strong and luxurious style, class and class. . This is what has made the girls a role model for fans around the world .”

NME newspaper rated the music of the YG girl group as a mixture of Hip Hop colors and vibrant house and EDM beats. Inheriting the unique features from previous generations and combining the newness of US-UK music, the YG quartet quickly conquered the global audience with a series of BLACKPINK hits. And to get the current success, not to mention the great contribution of Teddy Park – YG’s “hit-making wizard”.

Before becoming the main producer of YG and CEO of The Black Label, Teddy had achieved certain success as a rapper of the group 1TYM. He used to live in the US and attended LA Diamond Bar High School before graduating with a major in English at Myongji University, Korea. Therefore, Teddy’s music always has a unique combination of Asia and Europe.


According to Korea Times, the group model is inherently the advantage of Kpop. Therefore, most companies promote the development of group activities instead of individuals. Idols only separate solo when the group’s reputation is confirmed. However, under YG’s strategic direction, BLACKPINK does not follow the common operation formula of the majority of groups. They broke the rules in Kpop by focusing on building each member’s personal brand after less than two years of operation.

YG’s international orientation is becoming more and more obvious when officially signing a contract with Interscope Record to establish a global partnership for BLACKPINK. Thanks to that, the YG quartet is represented by Interscope and Universal Music Group not only outside Asia but also around the world.

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