Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is determined to change her appearance ‘180 degrees’ for this comeback

The recent appearance of Jisoo (BLACKPINK) is becoming a hot topic of discussion among the audience. Fans can't help but be both excited and worried when this cult goddess is so determined for BLACKPINK's epic comeback.

But when she started debuting as an actress, the female idol’s appearance changed completely. purely because of weight gain for the role in  Snowdrop. At that time, Jisoo’s face was completely round, suitable for the image of the role. But recently, BLACKPINK’s eldest sister suddenly appeared with a 180-degree different look and fans thought that this was the female idol’s effort in the group’s epic comeback.

Specifically, the latest photo clearly shows the angular face and significant weight loss of BLACKPINK’s eldest sister. Although Jisoo is wearing a loose shirt, it is not difficult for the audience to realize that she has lost weight compared to when she acted in the movie  Snowdrop. Jisoo’s face became more compact and sharper, different from the sweet, full face before. Many people regret Jisoo’s previous beauty, but many fans are excited because they think that a sharp look like this is definitely more suitable for BLACKPINK’s personality and chic style on the catwalk. Through this, the audience is even more excited to look forward to this comeback of the powerful YG group.


Jisoo’s latest photo shows that she has lost a lot of weight. BLACKPINK’s eldest sister’s face, which is already small, is now slimmer and sharper, highlighting the sharpness and distinctive personality of the group. Fans can’t help but look forward to the new look of the 4 members of BLACKPINK in this comeback








During the filming of Snowdrop, Jisoo’s oval face looked fuller than it is now. Many fans think that Jisoo’s weight loss has lost her lovely features on her face, but there are also opinions that she lost weight to match BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Dubbed “Miss Korea”, the eldest sister of BLACKPINK has a golden-ratio face, beautiful and captivating. In order to fit different roles at work, Jisoo does not hesitate to change her appearance significant


Fans are looking forward to seeing Jisoo’s new look in BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback

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